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into the 
at entrance of Saint 
ry's, my heart pumped 
er than is considered 
:, or so it seemed. 
)k at all those girls, I 
tight. This is insane, 
ty am I doing this? I 

> so overwhelmed 

h excitement, antici- 
ion, nervousness, and 
n second thoughts, 
len I moved to 
mont, at least my 
isin was there. But 
e, most everyone is 
m North Carolina. 
10 else would be from 
mont? Just me. 
noticed how pes- 
listic I sounded and 
ndy told myself to 
t up about it. 1 decid- 
pot to step out of the 
until I convinced 
self 1 was blowing 
rything out of propor- 
Reahzing that This 

> It, I began the long 
: up the steps to 
:des, my family close 

he first day of 

Orientation was crazy. 
We had meetings with 
the Activities Director, 
meetings with the 
President, meetings with 
the Chaplain. So much 
was going on that 1 did- 
n't even realize that I had 
bid a tearless (for me) 
farewell to my family 
until an hour later. They 
were gone. 

I had expected to meet 
more girls sooner, but I 
suspect part of the reason 
1 hadn't is because of my 
personality. In some situ- 
ations I am quiet and shy 
and in others it's easier 
for me to open up and be 
myself I had promised 
myself I'd be a "new 
woman" and greet every 
single person I met with 
an incredibly enthusiastic 
"Hello, how are you. 
Nice to meet you.. Yes, 
it's very interesting that I 
am from Vermont and 
happened to choose Saint 
Mary's as my college. . ." 
I've never believed in the 
expression, "easier said 
than done," so much. 

I didn't realize I'd have 
so much free time in my 
schedule. I only have 

one class on Tuesdays and 
Thursdays. This was a 
nice surprise. And I had 
no idea that my room- 
mate and 1 would get 
along so well so quickly 
1 was worried about that 
for a while. It was hard 
at first since she's attend- 
ed Saint Mary's for two 
years already and knows 
virtually everyone. Since 
1 knew no one it worried 
me to see her go visit her 
friends so much. 1 com- 
pletely understood that 
she wanted to see them, 
but for some time it 
seemed the whole year 
would be like that. Right 
now, however, it seems 
like we've known each 
other for years. 

I wish I had known 
how much money I'd 
need. I hear it every year. 
A friend will go away to 
school and complain that 
she has no money. I 
always promised myself 
that wouldn't happen to 

And I thought I came 
prepared. (Ha!) 

Phebe-October, 1994 

Volume 98 

900 Hillsborough Street 

Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 



Stagecoach 1 

Our individual handwritings are as distinctive as our 
very own memories. Writing charts for us the years 
we spend in elementary school, middle school, high 
school. Friends and family recognize our familiar 
scrawls with a smile and know immediately who wrote them. These 
same people form the core of our earliest and fondest memories. Yet, 
from diverse backgrounds we come together at a place on the continu- 
um where we are propelled forward by the mysteries of the past 
toward the wonders of the future. This book combines written words 
from women who preceded us, with our memories of the most recent 
past and melds them into a collective experience we can call up with a 

A map is a tool which helps us move from one point to another. We 
will start at the beginning, when, a little shy, a lot apprehensive, but 
enthusiastic nonetheless, we arrived for orientation. Stretched out in 
front of us were endless opportunities to learn from all the countless 
people we were going to come in contact with-roommates, hall mates, 

local friends, faculty, staff and an array of incredible experiences. The I 
map twisted and turned and sometimes veered off into directions we 
were not prepared for. But surprisingly, there was always someone to 
gently pull us back onto the right track. Always! If it ever briefly 
appeared that we might be lost, suddenly, out of the mist there was a 
guide. Always! 

On a clear, sparkling day in May graduates dress in white and walk 
around the circle and straight through the grove, among the people we 
have met along the way and among the ones we have always known. 
The laughter and tears that characterize this day somehow symbolize 
every minute that we spent in the chapel, in Smedes, in Pittman, in the 
library, on the soccer field, in the dining hall, on the tennis courts, in 
the dormitories and with each other. The end of this road, this page, 
graduation, is simply the start of a new journey, a new tale. 

This book maps the various stories we wrote together. Even though 
our memories are colored by our individual personalities, we have 
shared the moments and the seasons, the perceptions and the growth. 

For now. . .that's all she wrote! 

That's All She Wrote 

2 Introduction 

JrjDtv eve 

ren\in\{nr , 

ivhtit tve 

remember , 

AnA i-vdy eve 

term tki nxo&t 
person/it map 

0^ our 

Ckr'ist'iyul ^utAlv'iK 

Introduction 3 

The Man Behind the Voice 


' I his is Sarah Clark. Dean Hume 
would like to see you in his office 
at 3:00 p.m. today!" 

Your stomach sinks. You know you're going 
to be pierced by those steely blue eyes from 
the far side of the Dean's desk. When he looks 
at you it is clear that he knows exactly what 
you are thinking and that any excuse you 
come up with is not going to be good 
enough. You also know that he will be fair 
and no matter how high the cards seem to be 
stacked against you Dean Hume will have ALL 


the facts, good and bad. Chances are, before 
the interview is over the blue eyes have soft- 
ened into a twinkle that is accompanied by a 
broad smile and a chuckle. You leave, deter- 
mined not to do anything that might possibly 
disappoint the Dean. 

Later when you meet him at the soc- 
cer match or basketball game, he grins and 
pats you on the shoulder as if it is the first 
time he has seen you all day. Anything that 
happened in his office earlier is behind you 
both and you have the opportunity to start all 

over again with a clean slate. 

It is because of scenarios like this 
one, and a myriad of others, that the 1996 
Stagecoach staff lovingly dedicates our book to a 
very special man who has a positive daily 
impact on all of our lives. He moves quietly 
among us, but his presence is always felt. His 
wisdom, compassion, and understanding seem 
boundless. During our stay here we are all 
touched by them in one way or another. This 
one is for you Dean Hume! 


Portrait of the Dean as a 
Young Man. (Apologies to 
Mr. Joyce) 

Iter* is something about a 

uniform! Or is it the hat? 
Or is it the hooded eyes? 
Whatever, the young Hume 
was dashing, even with 
short hair and minus the 


Here is an excellent exam- 
ple. His parents were 
already proud! 

The family man. 

This is Uncle Jack with 
Christopher in 1986. What 
a difference a decade 

4 Dedication 

Jack Hume-King of SMC 

The Wannabe? What? 

And he wonders why stu- 
dents were intimidated by 
him when he first came to 
SMC. Even his nationality is 
suspect here. 

If Jennifer L could see him 

Obviously an earlier life. 
The twinkle is recognizable 

The many faces of a dean. 

Lower left shows Dean 
Hume during the Christmas 
of '65. Lower right is a 
portrait of the Dean as an 
even younger man. 

J give 

my&ztl iOmc- 

tlAvici, but 1 
Am "tncupufrU 
U taking U." 

Dedication 5 

orientation felt like a giant tidal wave 

Owas crashing down. We swirled from 
one location to another trying to absorb 
all the information that was coming our 
way. In fact, when the ninth and tenth 
graders made their orientation trip to 
Morehead City and Adantic Beach, there were three 
hurricanes skirting the coast of North Carolina. High 
tides and torrential downpours did not begin to damp- 
en the spirits of the youngest of the Belles. 

There was a back campus bar-b-que with a band. 
(Louise Harris really does have a good voice). There 
were hall sessions, handbook sessions, academic ses- 
sions, testing sessions, and get-to-know you jam ses- 
sions where we shared our bewilderment with each 
other and began to acknowledge with a sense of won- 
der that maybe we did have a place here after all. 

Back in the Saddle Again 


Ashley Fielden, Associate 
Director ol Admissions, does 
her job well in warmly 
greeting Ireshman Christina 
Posse. What beautiful 

Hovin' on... in! 

Carrying load alter load, 
Emily Harer doesn't look 
very tired. Just check out 
those muscles. For many took the entire day 
to move their things in. 

6 Orientation 

A Southern Welcome 

Deborah Aycock, Resident 
Assistant on first floor 
Cruikshank, greets freshman 
Hannah Wood with a smile. 
The S6A and RAs worked 
hard to make the new girls 
feel welcome. 

Excited, girls? 

It's a long way from Atlanta 
to Raleigh, especially if you 
are the only tenth grade 
boarder. Kaye Brownlee did 
just fine! 

A new year Begins 

No Bull 


New high school and 
college students 
loaded onto buses 
and vans to hit a 
Bulls game and juke 
and |ive! 

"Take me out to the ball 
game Take me out to the 
park." And that is just 
what we did, AFTER 
chapel at 1 1:00, a picnic 
at 12:00, and a scav- 
enger hunt that scattered 

girls all over the campus 
at 2:00. Two chartered 
buses, both college vans 
and a caravan of cars 
headed down Instate 40 
into the brand new 
Durham Athletic Park 

right in the middle 
of downtown. 
Traffic in and 
around the park 
came to a standstill 
as hundreds of girls 
poured from the 
buses, vans, and 
cars. We staked our 
claim on a grassy 
hillside, cheering 
loudly when the 
other fans across the 
park cheered Our 
knowledge of the 
rudiments of the 
game was limited at 
best, but we man- 
aged to eat and 
drink and laugh a 
lot. We also got to 
know each other. 

"J 4 1 kntw 
ivhut J WAS SO 



1 lvontAn't fri 



Orientation 7 


ave Dillon's first year college soccer 
team was an eclectic group, to say 
the least. Some had a great deal of 
experience, some had very little. 
What they did share was a love of the 
game and a desire to play. And play they did. . .all over 
North and South Carolina it seemed. Their travels in 
the fall took them from tiny Louisburg to bustling 
Spartanburg to Brevard. Even more important than soc- 
cer, it sometimes seemed, was who sat where in which 
van. 1 1 was important that each player had enough 
room to sprawl with her pillow (and frequently a blan- 
ket or bedspread). Sleep on the long trips was a top 
priority. Even before sleep though there was something 
else. FOOD 1 Honestly. FOOD! This team was food 
obsessed. There were a few vegetarians, a few who 
only ate meat and potatoes, a few who would eat any- 
thing, and a few who just had really weird taste. On 
the field Coach Dillon knew the game and how it 
should be played. Off the field his greatest challenge 
was how and where to feed his ravenous team Fast 
food places were not an option because several team 


Breaking New Ground 

FmI the Bunt! 

Amy Palmer stretches those 
tight muscles before the big 
game to avoid becoming 
just a spectator on the 
bench. As Palmer was one 
of our most important play- 
ers, the bench is not some- 
where we wanted her to 

And Rec Soccer too. . ! 

We might not be as large as some 
schools, but we sure do love to run 
and kick a soccer ball. Due to an 
increased interest on all levels of expertise, a 
rec team played in the CASLE program. Ably 
coached by Kurt Gilliland otherwise, known as 
Mr. G, the team won a few, lost a few and 
enjoyed after the game meals at the players' 
homes and in fine area restaurants. A few of 
the more experienced players used the fall 
league as a way to stay in shape and gain field 
time before the spring season. Coach Gilliland 
put lus vast prior knowledge of soccer to good 

I'm tough! Don't forget it! 

Kathenne Wrenn was one of 
the players who kicked the 
ball around during both the 
fall and spring seasons. She 
was an important compo- 
nent (or the varsity, too. 


Tiny terror! 

Ninth grader 
Kvanvig shows super 
form and determination 
as she heads down the 

8 College Soccer 

Run, Forrest! 

Putting it in high gear, Liz 
Johnson runs like the wind to 
steal the ball from a 
Spartanburg player. 

Spartanburg was a great team, 
whom we almost defeated this 
year. We'll get 'em next time! 

Coadi (Simon) says... 

Coach Dave Dillon prepares 
Kelly Heretick to go back 
into the game. Each game, 
Dillon studied carefully the 
players, ours and theirs, to 
form a strategy for each 
Saint Mary's player. 

And Kicking the Ball All Over It 

members strenuously objected to the destruction of the 
rain forests. Denny's was thought to be politically incor- 
rect because of alleged discrimination. One of the most 
successful meal stops, other than the one at Mrs Hill's 
house, was a cafeteria on Capital Boulevard following 
the Louisburg game. 
So, faced with obstacles both on and off the field, 
Coach Dave Dillon once again proved he was King of 
Soccer at SMC. 

"Somebody help mef 

Looking intensely for an open teammate, Winfrey Amis prepares to make the most of a 
crucial throw-in. Amis was a hard-working team player who we could not have done with- 

"V^J/e teAch yon 

the pleasure oi 
physical eicercise- 
the team- Spirit oft 
%Hmes, too, £or 
ivhen yon leave 
&choot finally yon 
will fitnA that lifie 
is A <jtame, some- 
times serious, 
sometimes tun, but 
a <%ame that must 
tie playeA with 
true team-spirit- 
there is no room 
lor the outsider in 

College Soccer 9 

Bus 37, come inJ>us 37. 

Tracy Tranguch takes over 
Herb's job as communicator. 
She makes sure everything 
is clear. It even looks like 
she knows what she's doing! 

Having fun, girls? 

Amy DeCori, Jeannie 
Holloman, Jennifer Beasley 
and Jenny Pate enjoy the 
beautiful day. Jenny? Are 
you okay? 

Fit for a King 


One of the favorite rides 
among the girls was this 
one, on which the 
couragous ones stood up to 
brave the loop-the-loop. 

10 King's Dominion 

Orientation can be a bit overwhelm- 
ing with its swirl of unfamiliar 
faces, places to be that we don't 
know how to find, meetings and 
rules and rules and meetings. New students in the high 
school and college alike were granted a respite from the 
usual orientation hoopla when they boarded two char- 
tered buses for a day at King's Dominion Amusement 
Park in Virginia. 

High school and college' These girls regressed, gig- 
gling all the way, to five year olds, eager to ride every 
single ride at least once. What is it about fresh air and 
sunshine that makes everything funnier than normal 
and allows people to be seen in a different light' It is 
easier to be giddy and frolic when you are in a place 
where nobody seems to care how silly you are. Like 
the colt in the quote below, the girls pranced, skipped, 
rode and laughed, almost like a last fling before the 
serious business of school began 

A day at King's Dominion 

Shower, anyone? 

Two unlucky souls get 
caught in a tidal wave. 
Actually, these two souls are 
Stephanie Phillips and 
Phebe Hubbard. And they 
weren't so unlucky. They 
did this on purpose! They 
planned to stand on the 
platform, which was strate- 
gically built in front of the 
"big boat" ride. Right as 
the boat hit the bottom of 
the hill, huge amounts of 
water raced up to soak 
unsuspecting passers-by. 

rU& taut! 

VVhtyt hit 

futirt tc#pt, 


her sunt- 

Se-emcd is tifii! 




■pen. ■ 

King's Dominion 1 1 

The day was October 2nd, the time, 10:12 a.m. 
Pittman Auditorium seats were Pilled by stu- 
dents, parents, and friends. All that could be 
heard were the encouraging shouts of enthusiastic Saint 
Mary's girls, and perhaps the rapid pounding often 
nervous hearts. Up on stage, behind the only obstacle 
preventing a glimpse of the newly-colored outfits were 
the Cold Cuts of 1995-96. As the red velvet curtains 
separated at center stage, students leapt to their feet, 
clapping and screaming as they welcomed this year's 
Cold Cuts, clad in the new colors of cantelope and elec- 
tric-royal blue. After feasting their eyes on the splendif- 
erous Cold Cuts, the audience listened eagerly to old 
and new songs, a full 45 minutes of pure Cold Cut 

Following a long and prosperous tradition 
of over 35 years, the Cold Cuts is a washtub band 
Although it started so long ago, today's Cold Cuts fol- 
low the basic traditions of those of 1961. Very neces- 
sary parts of their wardrobe are the straw hats, t-shirts, 
and overalls, imitating the basic look of the original 

Cold Cuts-straw hats, madras shirts, and Bermudas or 
overalls For the past several years, 9 girls have been 
chosen at tryouts at the end of their freshman year. 
They perform together for the first semester of their 
sophomore year, then hold another sophomore tryout 
session at the beginning of the second semester. They 
add the number of girls chosen to the Original 9, and 
perform together throughout the last semester. This 
year's Original 9 are Kelly Livingston (hot dog), Ann 
Dial McMillan (washboard), Deborah Aycock (morra- 
cas), Sarah Vanmeter (pres., crazy stick), Becca George 
(sec./tres., washtub), Phebe Hubbard (bongos), 
Jennifer Rasmovich (tamborine), Jamie Griswold 
(sticks), and Danna Daniely (piano). Their advisor is 
Mary Virginia Swain, making this her 6th year of 
working with the Cold Cuts. 

Never let it be said that the Cold Cuts don't 
work hard Performing on campus and off, they prac- 
tice for up to 2 hours a night, Sunday through Thursday. 
They make appearances at campus events, as well as 
company conventions, nursing homes and hospitals. 

I'll Be There For Yon! 

What artistic ability! 

The weekend at Kelly's lake- 
house was obviously a pro- 
ductive one. 

"We did itf 

Surviving the 1st perfor- 
mance is always a test, but k^ 
this year's group passed 
with flying "colors!" 

But Cold Cuts isn't all work and no play. 
The weekend before the Showing of the Colors was 
spent by these excited 10 at Kelly's lakehouse in 
Charlotte, painting their instruments 

Showing of the Colors is perhaps one of, if 
not the biggest show of the year The colors are new 
each year, and kept secret from the entire campus until 
the big day. There is even a contest held beforehand to 
see if anyone can guess what they are. This year's group 
opened with 1 1 songs, showing how tight these 10 are. 
It ended with the inevitable "cuts," when each Cold Cut 
teased an audience member as part of their signature 
song at the end of the show. Future Saint Mary's girls 
beware-the Cold Cuts are watching you! 

Id Cuts 

Sing hi 

The Cold Cuts sing away 
and play on their newly- 
painted instruments as the 
audience is captured. 

Before the fact 

Not yet dressed to play, and 
while the room is still 
empty, these girls look 
much happier than nervous! 

The Cold Cuts show their stuff 

We're here! 

Arriving in Charlotte, Phebe 
and M.V. show their excite- 
ment. They look ready to 
paint! To swim! To pose 
for the camera! 

Watch the road! 

On their way to Charlotte, 
Ann Dial and Deborah turn 
around to say "Hey!" Ann 
Dial, look out! 

The theme of the year 

A part of painting was the 
banner, used at the showing 
and at other performances. 

yon ctotvn 
or fri yon T^'infi 
ititt your &in<?iri. 
i& tki 

Jinny* Wctve "^AckArJ.1 

Cold Cuts 13 

At the end of the first three days of 
classes the ninth and tenth graders left 
town. It wasn't that they were run 
off, they were going to the beach. 
Yes, it was the height of hurricane 
season, and yes, there were several potentially danger- 
ous storms out to sea, but this group was undaunted by 
a little wind and a litde rain. 

Of course, Mr. Gilliland was separated from the other 
vans before we ever got out of Raleigh and of course, 
the trip took over an hour longer than it should have 
because of all the stops that we made. The motel, 
despite repeated calls to be sure all was well, did not 
have all the rooms in a block. Mr. Mathieu, Mr. Ham 
and Mrs. Hill all were assertive. It was late, the students 
were hungry, it all got worked out. Except when the 
girls went to get supper at the fast food stop right in 
front of the motel, there were some visiting Marines 
who saw thirty-six girls, a white van with blue lettering 
that read "Saint Mary's College-Raleigh, North 
Carolina" and put two and two together. Mr. Mathieu, 

Mr. Ham and Mrs. Hill were assertive again. 

After eating a continental breakfast by the pool, while 
battling winds so strong it was hard to hold onto a sty- 
rofoam coffee cup, the intrepid crew made its way to 
the ocean. It rained. We went back to the motel, 
changed into dry clothes and visited Historic Beaufort. 
It rained some more. We went back to the motel, 
changed into dry clothes and boarded the Crystal 
Queen for a moonlight dinner cruise. It rained yet 
some more. 

It rained Sunday while we had a study skills work- 
shop. 1 1 rained while we took a mini-tour of Bogue 
Banks and Emerald Isle. It rained all the way back to 
Raleigh. But, here's the thing-nobody cared. We 
laughed and sang and talked and did exactly what the 
weekend was supposed to allow us to do. We got to 
know each other. 

To the Sea, To the Sea 

Don't you km lh« wind in 
your hair? 

Even though it was a windy 
trip to the beach, Ellie 
Childs and Christy Fiorilli 
enjoy themselves by walking 
along the ocean front. 

The assertive leaders take a 
breather. Finally, Mr. 
Gilliland, Mr. Mathieu, Mr. 
Ham, and Mrs. Hill, can 
relax and enjoy themselves. 

14 Beach Retreat 

Hurricane anyone? 

Rough surf couldn't keep 
these girls away! Hannah 
Bason battles the waves 
and the strong undertow at 
Atlantic Beach. 

Soon to become great 
friends, Molly Hassinger, 
Elizabeth Smith, Sarah 
Yarborough, and Lama 
Rawat await the lun that 
an evening on the riverboat 

II bring 

The beautiful sea. 

Hake new friends 

New companions find each 
other on the beach retreat. 
Leslie Guilmart, Chandra 
Caldwell, and Laquoia 
Johnson enjoy each other's 

Ladies always travel in 

The fearless seafaring vessel 
contains excited ninth and 
tenth graders. 

" f~,e<%inninGS 

are atlt to {n 


anA SO it is 



ol that great 

mother ofi tilt, 

the sen." 

Beach Retreat I 

The high school tennis team recorded another 
winning season, posting an 8 win, 3 loss 
record, finishing tied for second in the 
Piedmont Athletic Conference of Independent Schools. 

The team also tied for fifth in state competition featur- 
ing 1 6 teams from independent schools in North and 
South Carolina. Leading the way was nationally ranked 
and PACK Player of the Year Jeni Burnette. Jeni was 
undefeated in PACIS play and runner-up in the number 
one singles position at the state tournament. Jeni fin- 
ished her career at Saint Mary's undefeated in regular 
season play. She will attend UNC-CH on a tennis schol- 
arship. She teamed with fellow senior LuAnne Box to 
win the number one doubles championship at the state 
tournament. Both were named to the News and Observer's 
All Star Team. Graduating with Burnette and Box were 
number four singles player Nanq' Cobb, number five 
singles player Tracy Harris and number three doubles 
team member Courtney McCormick. While at Saint 
Mary's High School these seniors had a combined dual 
team match record of 1 9 wins and 3 losses. Members 
of the 1995 squad returning will be Meredith Wiggs, 
Annie Mason, Donnell Turner, Alice Manning and 
Tiffany Repokis. 

They "Love" It! 

We did it! 

High school tennis team 
members Jeni Burnette, 
Nancy Cobb, LuAnne Box, 
Courtney McCormick and 
Tracy Harris celebrate at 
the state tournament. The 
girls worked hard and it 
payed off big time' 

16 High School Tennis 

High school tennis team 

(front) Oonnell Turner, Alice 
Manning, Tiffany Repokis, 
Meredith Wiggs, Annie 
Mason, (back) Nancy Cobb, 
Courtney McCormick, Jem 
Burnette, LuAnne Box, Tracy 
Harris. This year Saint 
Mary's finished 5th at the 
state tournament. Way to 
go, Saints! 

High school tennis wins 

Awh, shucks! number one doubles title at 

Jem Burnette and LuAnne the state tournament in 

Box take a well-deserved Winston Salem. Congrats, 

breather after winning the girls! 

"£&ocA shot, 

fruA tuck 

dnA kett 
/ire the l"i\>e 
t*/isic tvorAs 

to 6e useA 
in n <gHH\e at 

though these, 

tr& course, 
can 6e 



High School Tennis 17 

Go Phebe! "Do a little dance, 

Third floor Penick displayed make a little love, get 

their artistic ability and down tonight, get down 

showed how much Spirit tonight!" Marsh Howard and 

they really had with this Josey Harris step out during 

awesome banner! Sprit week in their 70's 



We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do! 

1 8 Spirit Week 

State BEfTWhtf? 

"Save the best for Last!" 

A Spirit week celebration 

Get Down! 

~^" I 

The ninth graders get 

picnic has Kristin Woods 

These girls have a strong! 

l fflgri 

pumped up, and right in 

and Hannah Wood excited 

case of Disco Fever. 70'sl 

the middle of all of the 

about being one of our 

day, during Spirit Week, was 1 

Spirit Week festivities. 


a favorite. 


At the end of September a week was 
set aside to encourage all students to 
really get into the Spirit of Saint 
Mary's. In addition to picnics (of 
course we were going to eat) each day 
had a designated theme. We were geeks, caricatures of 
our mothers in the seventies, parodies of ourselves on 
campus, wearers of weird hats. Each hall in the dorms 
and each grade among the da) 1 students created banners 
that were hung from the buildings and clothes lines on 

back campus. Winners were announced at the end of 
the week, with third Pennick and the ninth graders 
being among them. 

»MC shows its true colors 

^Y,on ivUt Ao 

footUfi tAiyigs, 

but Ao them tvHA 



Spirit Week 19 

There are several things one can always 
count on in Raleigh in October. The 
leaves begin to turn and SMC students 
commit to The Walk for Hope. Getting 
folks up early on a Sunday morning is 
never easy, but the students, bleary eyed and stumbling, 
assembled outside Holt Student Activities Center to get 
ready for an eight o'clock departure. Both vans and a 
caravan of cars made their way to the Angus Barn. For 

those who wanted to worship, an informal church ser- 
vice was held on the banks of a lake. Others took the 
opportunity to limber up in preparation for the six plus 
mile walk down highway 70, through Umstead Park 
and back. For the faint of heart, there were vans to 
return them if they could not make the entire route. 

The Walk for Hope was organized by employees of 
the late Thad Eure, Jr. as a way of honoring his memory 
and his commitment to discovering ways to treat men- 
tal illnesses. In just a few years participation jumped 
from hundred of walkers to thousands. 

We have been proud to be a part of the success of the 
walk. Our contributions have made a significant differ- 

And just how, one might ask, did all these girls allow 
themselves to be persuaded to rise so early on a Sunday 
morning? Not to dimmish philanthropic urges, but the 
fact is that at the conclusion of the walk there was a 
feast provided by Fat Daddy's Restaurant. There were 
hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and all the trim- 
mings. Of course the students crawled out of bed and 
walked six miles. Who wouldn't? 



A Walk for Hope 

"It's wtat timer 

Louise Harris and Dean 
Jones show that the early 
bird always gets its worm, 
or t-shirt in this case. 
These two brave souls woke 
with the sun (almost) to 
make sure all the walkers 
got their Walk for Hope t- 
shirts before the big walk. 


Lawren Townsend is reward- 
ed for her spectacular 
efforts with a hearty meal. 
Most walkers were famished 
alter the long walk, and all 
were greatly appreciative 
lor all the chow. Lawren's 
friends, sitting next to her, 
agree. Just kiddin, Lawren! 

20 Walk for Hope 


I did id 

Amy Mornsey is clearly 
pleased as she crosses the 
finish line. Every person 
who walked that day felt a 
warm rush of excitement 
that can only happen when 
we do something for some- 
one else. 

A smile of accomplishment 

Tracy Ivey has that special 
glow as she relaxes her 
muscles, having "walked for 

Ahh! Exercise 


-w - 

5,4,7,8, Stretch! 

This group of highly orga- 
nized Saint Mary's girls 
stretch their muscles before 
the start. Good idea, girls. 
Aren't we Saints smart? 

What a turnout! 

Since when did Saint Mary's 
begin admitting students in 
their forties? No, this 
crowd isn't all Saint Mary's. 
The Walk for Hope brings 
people from all across the 
country. The line of walk- 
ers went on for what 
seemed like miles! 

J can renxotxtier 


/IS <t ch'itA. 

Jt tvas not 


to say yon uviri 


Jt was customary 


comvitU t(u float 

ofc the. 


Walk for Hope 21 

y the end of Octoberfest young ladies 
who had previously thought them- 
selves fearless were piling four and 
five to a room to seek safety in num- 
bers- It made no difference whether 
the ghost of Aider! Smedes was truth or fiction Just 

the fact that he might be was enough to make some of 
the most stalwart souls wary. 

Golden October gave us another reason to celebrate. 
Halls in the dorms were turned into cobweb shrouded 
caverns. Students were actually given knives and 
encouraged to carve on punkin heads. They also partic- 
ipated in a balloon shaving contest. 

We bobbed, we picnicked, we wrestled (SMC girls 
sweating? You bet!), we laughed and we told ghost sto- 
ries around the campfire. One of the eeriest points 
during the week came when a strange creature arrived 
on campus to tell fortunes. Professing to possess a sixth 
sense, this mysterious person startled all who fell under 
her spell. Who on earth (or not) could it have been? 

And did Aldert Smedes visit? There are those who 
live on third Smedes who would swear to it. How else 
to explain the rustlings, the thumpings, and the whis- 
pers? After all, it was almost Halloween. You decide. 

A Very Festive October 

Look, I got her! 

Alex Georgeady is proud ol 
her accomplishment, and 
Kristen Mitchell doesn't 
seem to mind at all! 

Take that! 

Karen Edmundson takes out 
all her frustrations on this 
poor, innocent little pump- 
kin. Circle took part in the 
pumpkin carving contest, as 
did many other clubs. 
President Elizabeth Killen 
looks on with a slightly 
cautious look on her face. 

22 Octoberfest 

What is she doing! 

Kimry Blackwelder watches 
Emme Barfield with suspi- 
cion. S.H.A.R.E.was head ol 
the balloon shaving contest 
at the Halloween Carnival. 

Dig in! 

Maria Granda races to eat 
that strawberry |ello, with- 
out her hands, before any- 
one else. Kyrstin Krist 
watches, wondering why 
people actually do this! 

A night of spooks 

On camphre night, students 
gathered around this beau- 
tiful blaze for an hour of 
s'mores, hot chocolate, and 
ghost stories. There seemed 
to be an unusually large 
number of sleep-overs that 
night. I wonder why... 

SM ghosts come out to play 

Hit it! 

Following the Sumo 
Challenge, the Cold Cuts 
made an appearance in full 
regalia to show their 
Halloween spirit. 


The ghost of West Rock 
struck again and made 
even Jason shake in his 
boots! Do you guess our 
ghost wanted this seat? 


Apparently having a great 
time, Holly Evans joins the 
Halloween Carnival turnout. 
At least it looks like she's 
having fun. That could be 
an expression of frustration. 
Or maybe she's eating. Is 
she cleaning her teeth? You 
be the judge. 

j#%4 A *e?! 

Two brave souls experience 

a little Oriental culture as 

they battle for the Sumo 

£7 Suns 

AnA skies 
UnA ctonAs D& (June, 

/{nA Uowtrs til 

(June together, 

Vf<! cannot 


lor one hour 


bright frine 


tftttn W'ike ytxnt ^IMkmtt 

Octoberfest 23 

Play it again, Sam 
Parents and students gath- 
er around the Dining Hall 
to watch the Cold Cuts per- 

We love our parents! 

Kimry Blackwelder and 
Charlotte Roberts show off 
their folks with pride. 
Kimry's dad says, "Aw, 

Hello Mutha, Hello Fatha 

Chow down) 

Saint Mary's students and 
parents enjoy the many 
delicious foods prepared by 
the Dining Hall staff. 

?4 Parents' Weekend 

October ended with a parent uprising. 
Well, not really Moms and Dads 
joined their daughters on campus 
Friday, October 27th to see what life 
here is truly like. Well, not really. 
Everybody was on their best behavior, especially the 
faculty who welcomed parents into their classrooms. 
An abbreviated class schedule allowed parents to sample 
a typical academic day with their daughters. 

A sumptuous buffet was served at lunch, during 
which the Cold Cuts performed, after which parents 
had an opportunity to meet with their daughters' 
teachers if they desired. Many students took advantage 
of the afternoon hours to show their parents some of 
Raleigh's hot spots-the mall, Cameron Village, any 
where that sold clothes or shoes. 

Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins entertained the visiting families 
at a Sundown Social on their back lawn. This was fol- 
lowed by an unwritten tradition. When parents are in 

town they must take the girls out to dinner. What typi- 
cally happens is that parents meet up with friends they 
have not seen in some time, or roommates' parents get 
together to visit for the first time. The family dinner 
expands and then expands again so that often twenty or 
more wait in line at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar and 
Grill or the Angus Barn. The parents have the best time 
of all! Which is as it should be, because without them, 
none of us would be here. 

Parents join their girls on campus 

Adult students? Huh? 

No, they're not students! 
Parents Weekend brought 
(oiks from many different 
locations to be with their 
daughters for the occasion. 
Many participated in class, 
much to some of the stu- 
dents' dismay! 


can onty give 

flOoA aAvice 

or put then* 

on the 
ri-ftht tmthi, 

tint the 
Pmdt forming 



Cies in their 

Otvn hanAs." 

Parents' Weekend 25 

It's calling Papa John's or Gumby's at 1 :00 in 
the morning to order pizza and breadsticks, 
going to visit your friend down the hall, just 
because you need a quick five-minute study 
Hard to get used to at first, life in a dormitory is 
a unique experience that requires a lot of tolerance, 
patience and good humor. But it is also an experience 
that will help you learn a lot about dealing with others, 
allow you to make lasting friends, and will prove to be 
one of the most valuable experiences any person could 
ever have 

Within the confines of Saint Mary's four active dor- 
mitories: Penick Hall, Cruikshank Dormitory, Smedes 
Hall, and West Rock, activity is predominantly rampant 
and there is always someone around to talk to. As the 
year goes on, each building progressively becomes a 
home to each of its residents. And although each girl's 
room is original and different from every other girl's 
(even if they have the same floor plan), there is still a 
sense a unity and community that comes from living in 
a dorm. In fact, so much so that sometimes, your 
dorm is worlds away from the others on campus. 

What dorm life is really about are the little things. It 
is the late night eating with friends. It is being able to 
walk down the hall and borrow clothes, books, and 
coffee pots, knowing that someone will have what you 

need. It is the gossiping, the games, and the jam ses- 
sions. It is knowing that if you are ever lonely, all you 
have to do is stick you head out the door and you'll 
find someone. Yet it's also the security of knowing that 
when you want your space, you can retreat to your 

Dorm life is the constant ringing of phones and try- 
ing to figure out if the last ring was your own phone. 
It is sharing bathrooms and trying to nap in the after- 
noon, when the girls above you sound like herds of 
elephants. It is waking up to other people's alarm 
clocks, and getting up the same time your roommate 
goes to bed. It is having a mattress that sags in the 
middle, and living off dining hall food. It is being able 
to smell the popcorn the girl downstairs just popped, 
being best friends with your R.A. and having personal 
jokes with your R.D. It's knowing the security guards 
better than your own family (well, almost). It's the hall 
meetings, the dorm socials, and the "Know the Code" 
process. It's getting to know people you never knew 
existed in a unique way. It is getting the chance to 
become life-long friends with the people you've lived 
in close contact with for four years. And what better 
way to make friends who will be friends forever' 
Dorm life is unlike any other in the world. 

This is the Life! 

Who ts this masked woman? 
This mystery girl either doesn't 
want to be identified, or she 
believes that the only place to 
let loose is in her room! If the 
boys only knew... 

Slurp, slurp 

Becca George clearly feels 
comfortable enough in her 
surroundings at Saint Mary's 
to return to a childhood 
habit. How does her room- 
mate put up with her? We 
can only imagine. (Just 
kiddin, Boo!) 


26 Dorm Life 

What, what? 

Katie McNichols and 
Cammie Elliot show how 
much fun dorm life can be! 






(prtiMj (onto*: 

80MF1RE! : # 

of t/^f p A' > 3 ' • 

nolloweti i 

Always something to do 

This is just one example of 
the signs hanging through- 
out campus, especially in 
the dorms. Events, and 
therefore posters are con- 
stantly changing, advertising 
all the fun activities on and 
off campus. 

Dorm life, that is 

No, I don't have a cart 

For those of us who are 
lacking a motorized vehicle, 
biking proves to be a fun 
and healthy alternative. 
Chris Peffer demonstrates. 

Melissa Dew somehow got a 
Tracy Tranguch on her 
back, and apparently, it 
hurts! Either that, or 
somehow the mind of a bu 
entered hers! It looks like 
Karen Edmundson couldn't 
quite hold on! 

One of the benefits of our 
honor code at Saint Mary's 
is that we can leave our 
outside the chapel, 
dining hall, or in the mid- 
dle of the floor in a dorm! 

J <M\ not alralA, 
to trust 
my S'Sters- 
not I." 

Dorm Life 27 

Blade, anyone? 
Allyson Scott, Raven 
McDonald, Jennifer Lewis 
and dates show that black 
formalwear Is in. Only 
few dresses were anything 
other than black. Must be 
a nineties thing! 

Remind me why I'm here? 

Anita Hume looks thorough- 
ly pleased to be up in the 
middle of the night with all 
these crazy kids! Or maybe 
she's just wondering about 
those two love birds in the 

Do the Jungle Boogie! 

An unidentified creature 
even made an appearance 
at our Formal. Oh, wait, 
that's a person. Dancing 
sure does bring out the 
animal in people. Who is 
this guy, anyway? 

Aw, gee! 

Sarah Givens and her date 
(a significant other?) humor 
the photographer. The! 
table was set up with: 
swings for seats, making it 
difficult for the less coordi- 
nated to have a swig of 
Coke. It looks like Sarah 
mastered the technique. 

28 Fall Formal 

As my date and I entered Gilley's, the club 
where the Saint Mary's Fall Formal was being 
held, my gaze moved slowly around the room 
to admire the decorations, so creatively put up by the 
high school and college SGA. 1 handed my tickets to 
Elizabeth Warren while my date took our coats to be 
hung. On a quick trip to the bathroom, 1 saw a couple 
girls from my English class who looked as if they were 
hiding from someone. 1 quietly greeted them, and 
secretly wished I could join them Returning to my 
date's side we gradually made our way to the dance 
floor. I stopped briefly to say "Hello" to a few of the 
chaperones-Allison King.Tracey Jones, Louise Harris, 
and Mary Virginia Swain. Feeling somewhat tired with a 
mild headache, I didn't feel much like dancing But, 
having promised to meet and dance with my friends, 1 
reluctantly made my way toward the noise. My right 
foot touched the dance floor, and POW! Instant trans- 
formation! Whoa! The band was jamming, the bass 

was pumping, the people were boogying, and before 1 
knew it, so was I. My headache miraculously disap- 
peared, and my stomach forgot all about the meal I'd 
just eaten. I was a new woman! How did this happen' 
1 guess I had just realized that this was Where the Wild 
Things Are! 

Saturday, November 4th, found Saint Mary's girls 
styling their hair, checking on dinner reservations, and 
doing last minute shopping for hose. Things were nuts 
But 10:00 p.m. hit, and these same girls were beautiful- 
ly put together-hair, hose, and all. Dates or no dates, 
they came to dance, hang out with the boys, and see 
their fellow classmates transformed from gum-chewing, 
pajama-wearing students to princesses dressed to kill. 
(And some surely came to check out the guys!) 

With Dean Jones' stern but friendly warning to be 
safe firmly in their heads. Saint Mary's was represented 
well and the girls had a night to remember forever. 

A night of boogyin' in the jungle 

Dance to the musid 
Mary Morrison seems to be 
dancing to the music of her 
very own drummer. Ain't 
life grand? 

J AftnceA 


to Spite 


What a smile! 

Amanda is obviously having 
a good time. Keepin' every- 
one out of trouble, maybe... 
Hey Amanda, what's that 
behind your back? Hmm? 

Fall Formal 29 

Who are you going to call' Ghostbusters? 
Well, yes. The members of the 
Granddaughters Club are called Ghostbusters, 
and Aldert Smedes is their mascot. The club is an old 
one, beginning years ago, whose members are all direct 
descendants of women who attended school here in the 
past. This year's old members are Phebe Hubbard 
(pres.), Nancy Hill (vice pres.), Kan Syrdahl (sec./tres.), 
Karen Edmundson, Sarah Barbee, El Boykm, Frances 
Carstarphen, Nancy Cobb, Anne Gibson Connell, Margaret 
Davis, Sarah Dayvault, Sarah Givens, Elizabeth Hill, Eliza 
Jenkins, Liz Johnson, Alice Manning, Anne Mason, Laura 
Raynor, Cee Sidler, Cooper Thornhill, Carrie Upchurch, 
Sarah Viola, and Katherine Wrenn. Their advisors are 
Margaret Glaze and Ibby Connell. 

The Granddaughters' walk took place right 
before Halloween on October 23, as part of Octoberfest. 
The old girls, dad in their white t-shirts and ghost masks, 
retrieved the new members, all waiting nervously in their 

rooms. After running around the bell tower several 
times, they entered the chapel, sat down, and listened 
to the three officers tell the story of the club. After 
being inducted, the new members' task was to fill little 
bags with candy (which were later put in each campus 

The Granddaughters Club stands solely for 
Saint Mary's tradition and spirit, recognizing each stu- 
dent who has extended her line of family tradition. 
Each year, these Granddaughters set up and host the 
annual Lighting 0' the Grove before Christmas. 

This year's new ghostbusters are Whitley 
Adkins, Winfrey Amis, Hannah Bason, Jill Blanchard, 
Caroline Davis, Alice Eggleston, Charlotte Floyd, Louise 
Harris, Molly Hassinger, Nancy Northcutt, Amanda 
Rinker, Leigh South, Lea Starling, Carolyn Stettimus, 
Ann Urquhart, and Marion Yates. Congratulations, girls! 
The tradition continues... 

Who Ya Gonna Call? 

Faster, girls! 

The old Granddaughters 
certainly didn't waste any 
time in putting the new 
girls to work! As their offi- 
cial initiations, their task 
was to fill a bag with candy 
for every single Saint Mary's 

Aldert Smedes was... 
As the ghostbusters look on 
in the choir seats, the three 
Phebe, Kan and Nancy 
explain the meaning of the 
Granddaughters Club. 

Granddaughters Club 


^*.*»^Bt' l ( ?MpP?'i 

' "iTIl ■'"*§ J 

j ij 

) I^jC 

Let's Get 'Em, Guys) 

The old girls (very!) enthu- 
siastically set out to get the 
new ghostbusters. 

Your Granddaughters 
Back row: Alice Eggleston, 
Anne Connell, Leigh South, 
Carolyn Stettinius, Lea 
Starling, Katherine Wrenn, El 
Boykin, Winfrey Amis, Carrie 
Upchurch, Molly Hassinger, 

Sarah Viola, Nancy 
Northcutt, Ann Urquhart, 
Amanda Ftmker. Laura 
Raynor, Sarah Givens, Cee 
Sidler, Josey Harris, Jill 
Blanchard, Whitley Atkins, 
Elizabeth Davis, Marion 
Yates, Annie Mason, Alice 
Manning, Eliza Jenkins, 
Sarah Dayvault, Charlotte 
Floyd, Caroline Davis, 
Elizabeth Hill. Frances 
Carstarphen, Karen Edmund- 
son, Kan Syrdahl (sec/tres), 
Phebe Hubbard (pres), 
Nancy Hill (vice pres), 
Cooper Thornhill, Liz 
Johnson, Nancy Cobb. 
Missing: Hannah Bason 

Aldert Smedes strikes again 

Amanda and Caroline lead 
the pack (or are they trail- 
ing?) around the bell tower. 
Inductions are crazy things, 
aren't they? 

Aldert Smedes Waits 

The bell tower had a peace- 
ful moment before the run 
around it. Rev. Smedes 
watched over the walk that 
night, and seemed to have 
been pleased with this 
year's girls. 

Hre the Miovti 
cvAese rests tire 

S\ fines THeyer 

Granddaughters Club 3 1 

aps had its annual walk this year on October 9. The night 
was somewhat chilly, but that certainly didn't keep an 
audience away. The girls knew where to go for the walk, 
some because they've seen it before, others because they were notified 
on almost every wall on campus! Everyone met at the stoop in front 
of Cruikshank to see the white pick-up with the old members in back- 
Jennifer Rasmovich (pres.), Amy Palmer (sec./tres.), Keri Beth 
Ratterree (DOT), and Kim Hassell (original member). A few of the 
members from last year made an appearance. But-notice a lack of vice 
president there? That's because Jamie Branch, appointed to the posi- 
tion at the end of last year, has gone on to the University of Michigan. 
Oops! So, at the walk on this night, Maps decided that a new vice 
president was to be chosen among the others. The new members cho- 
sen for this year's group were Christy Hall, (vice president), Becca 

George, Stephanie Phillips, Lindsay Jones, Ashley Barber, and Carolyn | 

Maps is a social club with a secret meaning. The symbol c 
Maps is a little red circle, called the "Dot," which resembles the little 
red dot on 7 Up cans. But this gal wears sunglasses and a black cow- 
boy hat. On the day of the walk, the members wear the same-black 
sunglasses, a black cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. On the day follow 
ing the walk, as part of initiation, the new members must also wear 
this outfit, though their faces are a bit more outrageously done with 
remnants of red marker. Popular words to write with as permanent a 
marker as can be found are "Maps," "1 love Maps," or maybe a few pic 
tures of Dot to embarrass these new inductees, or at least remind then 
of what they are now a part of 

X Marks the "Dot" 

Don't Smile! 

As Stephanie Phillips begs 
her mouth not to curl, Kerie 
Beth Ratterree, Kimberly 
Hassell, Amy Palmer and 
Ran give her, uh, heck for 
letting the ends of her 
mouth turn up. 

MAPS takes its pick 


After being soaked with a 
water gun, yelled at, and 
"markered up," these new 
Maps inductees try to keep 
up with the truck. A few 

of this year's first addition 
to MAPS are Stephanie 
Phillips, Katie Szilagyi, 
Lindsay Jones, Christy Hall, 
and Ashley Barber. Does 
Mr. Dillon know about these 

Let's hear tti 

As Amy Palmer encourages 
the crowd to cheer, Razz 
gives a serious face to let 
the potential new girls 
know that she means busi- 



he spin (get it? spin?) on this group is that it is so 
secret that no one will give a hint as to what it is all 
about. So, we will leave space for the spiders to do 
whatever it is that they do. 

They're No Insects! 

So Solemn! 

The lovelies pictured here 
are 1st row: Tracy Harris 
and Robin Thomas. 2nd 
row: Susan Crosby, Courtney 
McCormick, Emily Johnson, 
Jenny Bennett, Katie 
McNicholas, and Kristin 
Mitchell. Not pictured: 
Jocelyn Fuller, Mary Griffin, 
Becky McConnell, Alex 
Georgeady, Stephanie Loy. 
Madame Spider is Elizabeth 

The Spiders Crawl Again 

Is this a spider web? what the problem is? 
Whatever,. None of these 
ladies dressed in black 
looks too happy. Wonder 

^yOnic o^ the roo^s 

Are plum-cotor, 
^CfOHxe ofi the roo^s 

are gray, 

J^ome ol the roois 

are sUverstone, 

y\nA SOtne are 

mnAe oi day, 

~^nt unAer every 

^d^teA close 

~£here' s H secret h'lA 

£stker JSdUn Z>n($ 

Spiders 33 

aybe it was the sight of Mr. Crews in a tutu 
that made you laugh the hardest. But even if it 
wasn't that particular act that did it for you- 
did any of us imagine that our teachers, professors, Deans, 
and even our President would be up on a stage making us 
fall off our seats laughing for an hour straight' Our most 
respected, distinguished, and scholarly faculty providing 
laughs for us at their own expense? Well any of us who 
saw this year's Faculty Follies assembly in November sure 
can believe it. 

From the minute that Louise and Blanche came 
out as emcees for the event dressed in pajamas pretending 
to be the "typically dressed" Saint Mary's student, we knew 
that there was going to be a lot of poking and making fun 
of people and things that most of the Samt Mary's commu- 
nity is familiar with. For example, everyone could full) 1 
relate to the hilarious impressions Mr Gilliland and Mr 
Lathan did of other faculty members at a staff meeting 
Along with Dr. Esthimer's "German Substitute Teacher", and 
the "student" emcees, we all got a good spirited laugh. 

There was also the unforgettable perfor- 
mances of Saint Mary's very own "Sister Act" nuns. 
Without an) 1 of us knowing, Dr. Bauso Dr Esthimer, Mr. 
George, Mr. Gilliland, Mr. Lathan, Mr. Reed, Ms. 
Thompson, and yes, President Jenkins made up a group 
of singin nuns brilliantly conducted the mother superi- 
or himself, Dr Quinn. As if that was not enough of a 
sight to behold, who can forget the lovely folk singers 
we found out that Ms. Hill, Ms. Peacock, and Chaplin 
Ellington were. Their little trio was as entertaining as it 
was funny 

Many of Saint Mary's most beloved faculty 
contributed to making this event such a success and 
enjoyment. Mr. Edwards and Ms. Stark sang a beautiful 
duet, and Mr. Crews and Ms. Gunn entertained with 
their cross-dressing version of a Russian Ballet. And 
thanks to the organization of Mrs. Pose)', the Faculty 
Follies assembly went perfectly (unless there's some- 
thing we don't know?!?). It was a most enjoyable hour. 

Faculty Follies 

A tot 

Which is which? 
As Mr. Lathan approaches 
the podium. ..wait. That's 
Mr. Lathan behind the wall. 
No. Wait, who's the guy 
with the vest? Okay, I've 
got it. Mr. Lathan is walk- 
ing to the podium, and 
that's his mom to the left. 
feah, that's it. 

"I will follow him.." 
Dr. Quinn takes the part of 
Whoopie Goldberg's charac- 
ter as the choir-leading nun 
in "Sister Act". And with 
these singers, even Whoopie 
couldn't have done it bet- 
ter. These untamed croon- 
ers are Dr. Esthimer, Dr. 
Bauso, Mr. Reed and our 
own Dr. Jenkins. 

34 Faculty Follies 

Don't they work here? 

Dean Hume makes his 
announcements while those 
two unidentified students 
(who have amazing resem- 
blances to Blanche and 
Louise) return to class. 

The Russian Dancers 

During this first act of the 
assembly, the audience 
came to realize that these 
were not really the alleged 
Russian Dancers. They were 
not only from Saint Mary's, 
but they were Mr. Crews 
and Ms. Gunn. But can you 
tell which is which? 

Ely unforgettable assembly 

What cute "chicksT 

Ms. Hill, Ms. Peacock, and 
Chaplin Ellington played for 
the audience a very charm- 
ing and very funny tune. (I 
hope that's not Ms. Hill's 
real hair!) 

Leeoiik Heigen Fleugen! 

Dr. Esthimer does his best 
impression as a German 
substitute teacher. I don't 
remember what the plunger 
was for, but it was enough 
for me to be glad to have 
Dr. Esthimer! 

A very pretty folly 

Mrs. Stark and Mr. Edwards 
treated the audience to a 
beautiful song, using perfect 
harmony to do so. Maybe 
Mr. Edwards will treat his 
computer classes to a few 
tunes some time. 

Mr. Hcrae? 

Mr. Gilliland does an out- 
standing job of portraying 
our beloved Math teacher. 

/■[ n Actor 
can rem.em.frer 

his frfuUst 

notice ivett Into 

Senescence tlnA 

ton4 filter he 

has lor^otten 

h)s phone 

number dnA 

i-vhere he 


Faculty Follies 35 

The Circle of Life 

A pleasant surprise 
Kelly Livingston receives a 
nice surprise when her 
lather showed up unexpect- 
edly for the occasion. Many 
new members' family greet- 
ed them at the walk. 

The Order of the Circle 


Do you think Stephanie 
Phillips was excited about 

being chosen for the Circle? 
She sure looks it! Don't 
burn yourself, Steph! 

The Grde, 1995-1996 
Elizabeth Ki lie n (pres.), 
Karen Edmundson, Blanche 
Hancock, Karen Edmundson, 

Tracy Tranguch, Blanche 
Hancock, Stephanie Phillips, 
Jeannine Eason, Phebe 
Hubbard, Ann Dial McMillan, 

36 Circle 








, Becca 




Katie 1 

Szilagyi, Amy Palme 



A Guiding Light 

Dasher and Dancer... 
Beacon members dress up 
as reindeer every year at 
the pajama party following 
the Lighting 0' the Grove. 
Aren't they cute? 

Beacon shows the way 

Jld they an... Townsend, Adnanne Stone, O'Donnell, Carrie Upchurch. The new Santa? (or Santa Claus' But even 

athenne Wrenn, Chaplin Jennifer Lewis, Robin Added later were Laura Perhaps reindeer Kathenne so, The Dean looks delight- 

llmgton, Jackie Rogers, Thomas, Blair Hinton, Eliza Burke Davis, Wrenn and Kristin Jinks ed to be surrounded by 

nstin Jinks, Lawren Jenkins, Raven McDonald, Liz have mistaken Dean Jones such cheery animals! 

eiyi*T con- 
sistent meant 
not Aepartln^ 
irom convic- 
Cions atreaAy 
{te"tn<£ a teaAer 
meant making 
other persons 
dccetjt these 
convictions. Jt 
IV AS a narrow 

track, anA a 
one-way, tint a 

person rniftht 

travel a con- 

s'lAerafrte AiS- 

tance on it. ytf, 

number ol Aic- 

tators have. 

Beacon 37 

Saint Mary's Vestry 

The girls who put it all together 

The 1995-1996 Vestry and 
Acolytes stand with the new 
1996-1997 Vestry members 
after their induction. 

Sing It! 

Those voices we hear 


995-1996 Chorale fills 
halls of our great 

school and Chapel with 
beautiful music during spe- 

cial chapels and important 

38 Vestry and Chorale 

Sound the Trumpet! 

A Sister Act! Or. Quinn, leader ol the Chorale, pretends to be 
a Nun in the Faculty's production of Sister Act. 

Sound the Trumpet! 

The Chorale frequently pre- 
formed in the auditorium 
throughout the year. 

"VfiorAs are 
tve/trtSDfue and 

ivorn, ivAite 
the. nrnfrisqHis, 

ct music tin 

Icrcvcr neiv." 

Chorale 39 


The Tide is High 


W.A.V.E.S. rolls 'em in 

Watdi the Hair! 

I don't know how well 
those shower caps are 
working girls! 

No Sun Bum for Nel 

Summer Auman gets coated 
with Zinc Oxide during the 
waves initiation. 

40 WA.V.E.S. 

Be Nice 

It's a human pyramid! 

Well, sort of. This bunch 
of pals, including Kimry 
Blackwelder, Christina 
Cerwin, Emme Barfield, Kati 
Chapman, and Mika Lanier 
hold on for dear life. 

S.H.A.R.E. with your pals 

Isn't this a cute group? 

S.H.A.R.E. gathers in front of 


These S.H.A.R.E. members 

the dining hall for this 
Kodak moment; pigtails and 


stop to pose for a second 
but then it is off to the 
salad bar. 

"'tfriinAsh'ip 'S 

the finest {minx 

d£ the pangs 

ik AiSfiScA 


fl/We yl ustcn 

S.H.A.R.E. 41 

: he most magical time of the 
year is when the campus is 
awash in candlelight and draped 
with greenery. Townspeople are 
invited to share an evening of 
carols and seasonal readings 
with the college community. A 
campus dignitary "lights" the 
grove when a switch is flipped 
and the giant tree in front of 
Smedes comes to life. 
Luminarias flicker around the cir- 
cle, placed there by members of 
the Grandaughter's Club, who 
also are responsible for the 
night's program. 

Something to Celebrate 

Ho, ho, hoi 

Santa made a special 
appearance at the Lighting, 
and with the help of SGA, 
brought Christmas cheer to 
all our hearts (even 
Scrooge's!). Some of Santa's 
helpers are Holly Evans, 
Tracy Tranguch, Karen 
Edmundson, and Kan 

Wore the night 

After the work was done, and before the 
celebration, all was peaceful at Smedes. 

42 Lighting 0' the Grove 

The crew takes a break 

The Granddaughters Club 
sets up the luminaries every 
year, and this year's girls 
did an especially beautiful 

Golfing, anyone? 

A highlight of placing the 
luminaries was taking over 
and going wild on the golf 
carts! It's been rumored 
that while Kan was driving, 
an unfortunate incident 
occurred involving an elder- 
ly woman and excessive 
amounts of hot chocolate! 

The grove's favorite night 

Merry Christmas! 

After all had left, Smedes 
was again left in peace, and 
anyone who saw this tree 
at this moment will proba- 
bly never forget it. 



}-fee( AnA tot, 

Come AnA fill 


ere yon fto!" 

-"Mump yiupu 



Helping Jackie Rogers and 
Louise Harris hang ribbon, 
Blair Hinton seemed not to 
notice the wind! 

Hee mee meeeee- 

Scrooge, Mr. Reed, President 
Jenkins, and Santa Claus 
join the SGA angels for 
what looks like a quick 
concert starring Laura 
Burke Davis. 

Such angelic faces! 

Holly Evans, Robin Thomas, 
Jennifer Lewis and Jackie 
Rogers landed from floating 
around in front of Smedes 
to greet Raleigh's communi- 
ty members. 


Lighting 0' the Grove 43 

Happy to Be SADD 

SADD members Elizabeth Davis, 
Ellyn Stecker, Christine Johnson, 
Josey Harris, Marsh Howard, 
Kristin Jinks, Kelly Ross, Carrie 
Upchurch, Emily Johnson, Sarah 
Dayvault, Luanne Box, and 
Stephanie Abee worked vigor- 
ously throughout the year on a 
successful campaign to stop 
drinking and driving. 

Students Against Drunk Driving 

Welcome Prospectives! 

Its a Great Place! Admisses 
Meredith Lassiter, Dare Branch, 
Kati Chapman, Charlotte 
Roberts, Kathenne Mitchell, 
Jenny Pate, Ragan Carpenter, 
Hope Valentine, Summer Van 
Wagnen, Debi Jolly, Emme 
Barfield, Kelly Ross, and Josey 
Harris show perspective students 
what a wonderful place our 
school really is! 

Future Admissions Directors? 

44 SADD, Admisses 

Habitat for Humanity 


— 1 — 

r~ t~ 



Habitat for Humanity is an 
organization that helps 
those less fortunate by 
building and repairing 
homes. Jeanmne Eason.Kaye 
Bronlee, and Jeannie 
Holloman are helping out 
by painting a closet. 

Homes for the homeless 

Look at how she works that 

1 think it needs a little 

plaster gun! President 

more water. Jeanmne 

Danielle Boucher caulks the 

Eason, Danielle Boucher, 

inside of a closet in one of 

and Kaye Brownlee, smooth 

the project houses. 

out some concrete for their 

next job. 

'"Y\o One ct\n 
vtutA, security 
upon the nofrte- 
ne&s 06 Another 

VpitU Cither 

Habitat for Humanity 45 

Fun in the snow is our What a ride! Jennifer 

motto. During the many Rasmovich makes the most 

snow storms, these girls out of a soccer field slope 

knew how to enjoy them- during snow storm, 

Let it Ice, Let it Ice, Let it Ice... 

What are we going to do 
next guys? The soccer fiek 
makes a great ice skating 
rink on an icy day. 

Snow Weekend 46 

Flights were cancelled, airports closed, roads 
blocked, and classes cancelled. One need- 
ed sunglasses merely to walk outside to the 
car because of the incredible glare on the 
ice (not that he/she could drive anywhere 
anyway). Classes at Saint Mary's were supposed to start 
on January 8, upon the return of students and faculty 
from Christmas vacation. But a certain someone who 
likes to nip at people's noses had other plans for us. 

Many who live far enough away couldn't get 
back to school in time because of cancelled flights or 
icy roads. Some school buildings were shut down any- 
way, so classes were postponed until Wednesday the 
10th. Old Jack took a break for a couple of days, until 
Thursday night, when he decided he hadn't had 
enough fun. More ice formed on critical surfaces, 
roads being the most critical at this point. Classes were 
cancelled on Friday, and while some brave girls ven- 

tured their way to a free three day weekend, others took 
advantage of the ice that doesn't come around very 
often. They grabbed beat up laundry baskets, lunch 
trays and lap tops, hitting the soccer field and circle on 
Park Road. If much younger kids weren't in school, 
they were covering every inch of ice in the Triangle. 
That weekend found most Saint Mary's girls in the 
dorms, probably making a record. On Friday of that 
weekend, it took one group 45 minutes just to walk to 
IHOP, which is right across the street 1 

Because it seldom snows in Raleigh, this 
weekend was one to take advantage of and remember 
Think absut it-how often does Mrs. Campbell miss 
class? Though it made it extremely difficult and dan- 
gerous to go anywhere in a car, it was like an adven- 
ture. "Forced" to stay on campus, together with all the 
friends we missed so much during break-Jack Frost had 
his fun, but I think we had the last laugh 

Jack Frost pulls a fast one 

Steffie Moore and Christy 
Hall crane their necks 

J r ^ ni i i or 

and peek out from bee- 
hind their bundled up 


masses of warmth to pro- 
vide a picture opportuni- 

but tAls is 



1f[a,ict)»e ~£kIihA4 

A^ r 

Snow Weekend 47 

Are you tired Leigh? 
Initiation into Silent S must 
have been rough. 


I just love to have my face 
painted 1 Lmsay Stinson gets 
messy during initiation. 

Happy to be a member of 
Silent S, Jamie Griswold, 
Ellen Smith, and Leigh 
South give a sigh of relief. 


L «1 




/ M 

■ \ 

. 1 

1 1 


/%»■■) DHBIIB 

^^tfj . 




Members of Silent S are 
Karen Edmundson, Shaner 
Garner, Jamie Griswold, 
Jennifer Ormsby, Kelly 
Livingston, Alison Thompson, 
Ellen Smith, Lindsay Stinson, 
and Leigh South. 

Silent S 

Lawren Townsend and 
Jackie Rogers are happy to 
be friends, and especially 
happy to be in Undatettes 

Stmt On! 

The Undatettes are always 
"Shiny, Happy People"! 

Guess Who's just been 
inducted Into Undatettes? 
You can't fool us Jackie 
Rogers and Maria Granda! 

"~fchere 'is noth- 

'ing to muke 

yon t'ike other 

human beings 

SO much US 

Ao'ing things 

fior them." 

Z2Lora Y[ei\te 


The 1995-1996 Undatettes 
are, from top to bottom, 
Sydnor William, Kyrstin 
Krist, Maria Granda, Jackie 
Rogers, Kathenne Wrenn, 
Courtney Jessup, Zeb Leung, 
Molly Boan, Ken Booker, 
Ashley Twiggs, Lawren 
Townsend, Carrie Upchurch, 
Advisor Blanche Hancock, 
Raven McDonald, and Jem 

Undatettes 49 

We're the Cold Cuts 

This is the way it is done Thanks Razz! Tracy 

girls! Jamie Griswold Tranguch and Jennifer 

demonstrates the art of the Rasmovich share a warm 

sticks Amy Mornssey, and embrace when Tracy is 

Tracy Tranguch. inducted into Cold Cuts. 

SO New Sophomore Cold Cuts 

The new Sophomore Cold 
Cuts Tracy Tranguch, 
Jeannine Eason, Allison 
Thompson, and Amy 
Mornssey are ready to per- 

The new girls look on as 
they learn a tew things 
from the pros. 

Thirteen strong! 

Welcoming her new part- 
ner, Ann Dial McMillian gives 
Tracy Tranguch a hug of 

Surprised and excited, 
Jlison Thompson steps for- 
ward to take her place as 
a Cold Cut. 


relates SOnnA 

anA time anA 

SO pictures the 

ultimate eAfles 

of- human com- 

mnnl cation." 
Jrls yHnrAocA 

New Sophomore Cold Cuts 5 1 

The Drama Club 

Stealing the Show! 

This year the Drama Club 
put on an unforgettable 
performance of "Steel 
Magnolias". With 
Elizabeth Davis as Mylin, 
Kathryn Krouse as Truvy, 
Erin Holt as Annelle, 
Taylor Cathcart as Shelby, 
Mika Lanier as Ouiser, 
and Madeline Lambi as 
Mrs. Clairee, it was a 
show stopping produc- 
tion. Also, the advisor, 
Vickie Posey, put in many 
long hours to make the 
show a success! 

Officers of the Drama Club Vickie Posey, advisor, 
(rom let to right are Mika 
Lanier, Elizabeth Ki Men. and 

The Dance Ensemble 

Flowing With Grace 

The Dance Ensemble is 
yet another form of artis- 
tic expression that is 
available to students.The 
group puts on perfor- 
mances throughout the 
year, and treats us with a 
recital in the spring. 
Members of the 
Ensemble include Carson 
Lawrence, Amanda Chit 
Khin, Mary Griffin, 
Jeannie Holloman, Dare 
Branch. Elizabeth 
Jenkinsjeannme Eason, 
Kathleen Hope, Eva 
Robertson, and Lee Posey. 

The Oince Ensemble mem- 
bers pictured are Jeannine 
Eason, Jeannie Hollomon, 

Lee Posey, Eva Robertson, 
Amanda Chit Khin, and Amy 
Snellgroves. instructor. 

52 Drama Club and Dance Ensemble 


Circling the Globe 

The Atlas Club is an 
international club that 
includes members from 
all over the globe. 
Students from countries 
such as Okinawa and 
Taiwan come together 
with other students with 
foreign heritage. Mrs. 
Georgette Campbell is the 
advisor who is originally 
from Lebanon 

The Adas Qub, top row, left 
to right, Shi-Hsin Kao, Eva 
Frovig, Amanda Chit-Khin, 

Mika Lanier, Georgette 
Campbell, advisor.Yama Njie, 
Aya Koyama, Christiana 

Brewer, and Shi-Wen Kao. 

The Environmental Club 

Clearing the Air 

The Environmental 
Club sets up stations all 
over campus for recycling 
aluminum cans, white 
paper, and newspapers. 
Lead by Mr. Kurt 
Gilliland, they play an 
essential role in helping 
to keep the Earth a clean- 
er place to live. 

The Environmental Qub Kathleen Hope, Jennifer 
from left to right are Josey Beasley, Julie Eagel, Jenny 
Harris, Stephanie Abee, Pate, and Jeannie Holloman. 

"J ton$eA to 

arrest ait 

6eilnty that 

canxt before 

me, anA at 

tin<>tth t(u 

ttmtiriyvt has 

frim satisfied: 

ATLAS and Environment Club S3 

Saint Mary's Basketball 

Keep it in bounds! 

Kim Pouland fights 
for the ball 
towards the back 

Hake the Run! 

Kim Pouland sprints up court to intercept a throw in 
Sloan McLure. 

54 Basketball 

Shoots for the Clouds! 

The 1995-1996 Basketball Team • First Row, from left to right. Raven McDonald, Elizabeth O'Donnell. Jeni Burnette, Alex 
Georgeady, Peyton Hill, Second Row, Assistant coach, Roxanne Cannaday, Hope Valentine, Heather Clark, Lauren Nowell, Sloan 
McLure, Caroline Davis, Kim Pouland, and Coach, Les Frahm. 

"Sports Stup dlvdy 

ver&dntltity, tett)n<% 

tAc tvAite frone o(r 

chtirticttr s>h\nt 


i\ Good! Raven McDonald goes up against to players to Just like We Practiced! Raven McDonald dribbles down the court 
■nake a two point basket. with Peyton Hill and Elizabeth O'Donell ready to make the plays. 

Basketball 55 

Fine Arts on Campus 

There's a Place for Everyone 

56 Fine Arts Club 

Phi Theta Kappa 



""" ! ~ 

" k $L 



V/il . i- S 

a1# A a 


Hi T 

4 ' -«j I 


L^ J 3? . 



i • I i m \ ■■ 

i •''" Aft E a* ■ M 
1 i mm I 1 1 1 1 



'95-1996 PW Theta Kappa - First Row, from left to right, Advisor, Georgette Campbell, Christina Posse, Gabnelle Binder, Jettie Portwood, Danielle Boucher.Second 
|w, Elizabeth Killen, Krista Harmon, Sheldon Elliot, Kari Syrdahl, and Advisor, Vickie Posey. 

Honor Society 

D 1995-1996 Honor Sodety - from top to bottom, left to right, Carrie Upchurch, Alice Manning, Donnell Turner, Alicia Carroll, Stephanie Abee, Robin Thomas, 
'lifer Lewis, Jackie Rogers, Adrianne Stone, Courtney Wiell, Advisor, Dr. Bauso, Cee Sidler, Kyrstin Krist, and Ken Booker. 

"~£Ae ciccltc- 
ment ol teftrn- 
In** setjamUs 

youth trom. 

ton4 d& you're 


you're not 


T^O&txtyn l C ) . 


Phi Theta Kappa and Honor Society 57 

Nice Flip Turn! The swim team practiced long and hard, even in the morning, to be the best they could be. The dedica- 
tion paid off when they did very well in the state swimming championships. 

Congratulations! Tracy Harris, Kristin Jinks, Meghan Costello, Missy Lund, Lawren Townsend, and Erica Lind are excited to be 
at the N.C.I.S.A.A. swimming championships. Great job girls! 

58 Swim Team 

They may be Saints... 

v < i 


MIL *jfeW 

|g;;-: : 

■BWB Sfe 


You Deserve a Rest) 

Missy Lund and Enca Lind 
take a breather after sever- 
al hard laps in the pool. 

But they swim like Hades 

"YlotAing great tvas 

ever Aone without 

muck enAnrmg." 

^t. Catherine ol 


IW5-I996 Swim Team - bottom row, Irom left to right, Missy Lund, Summer Van Wagner, Robin Freeman, Tracy Harris, Poem Gardner, Julie Strope, second 
i coach Caroline Pruden, Leslie Guilmart, Erica Lind, Sarah Yarborough, Lawren Townsend, Meghan Costello, and coach, Kim Gabele. 

Swim Team 59 

Nancy and Becca escape 

from Smedes while Amy 
contemplates action. 

Students who have been here for four years receive special recognition. They 
came for their junior and senior years in high school and then elected to com- 
plete their freshman and sophomore years in college at this institution. The sta- 
tus of a four year girl is a special one since it usually indicates a strong devotion to the 

Becca George, 
Jennifer Rasmovich, 
Nancy Hill and Amy 
Mackie represent the 
Four Year Girls. Not 
pictured are JuheAnne 
Arnold, Jeanine Eason, 
Holly Evans, Sinclair 
Fowler, and Cecily 

Four Year Girls 

60 Four Year Girls 


THE gazebo on Dr. Jenkins* 

back lawn provides a fitting 
backdrop for the marshalls. 
Left to right are Anne Dial 
McMillan, Shaner Garner, 
Kelly Livingston, chief, 
Jeanine Eason, and Eliza 
Pittman. Not pictured is 
Cam Ross. 

"VfiAen yon UdSi to 

nx/lkc H contribution, 

von freflin to Ace/' 

£,Udnor ^OOScvedt 

The college marshalls are elected by their peers. Dressed in long white gowns, they are present at all official college functions. Their conduct serves as a model for the 
rest of the student body. One of their most stunning appearances is at graduation, when they lead the faculty and student processionals, then are responsible for drop- 

ping the handkerchief and pronouncing the college closed at the end of another year. 

61 Marshals 

The moms began arriving Thursday afternoon. They kept 
coming all day Friday. One could hear shrieks and laugh- 
ter all over campus. Friday night girls and their mothers 
went out to supper, usually in droves that included entire halls 
and then back to the mothers' motel rooms to giggle and share 

On Saturday, following a sumptuous brunch in the dining hall 
during which the Cold Cuts performed, mothers and daughters 
setded down in Pittman Auditorium for a fashion show. The 
models' Saint Mary's girls of course, at their most beautiful. 
Clothes DO make the woman, as a little blush and a litde lipstick 
worn over outfits from Dina Porter, Beanie and Cecil, The Fashion 
Bar in Lumberton, and others shops proved. Amid a backdrop of 
ferns, statues of little girls, and blooming plants, our girls strut- 
ted and preened to classic beach tunes. The theme, fittingly 
enough, was "My Girl." 

And then there was CASINO NIGHT! Everybody on campus 
who was not a mother of a currently enrolled student was 
pressed into service. Everybody on campus who was married to 

someone who was not a mother of a currently enrolled student 
was also pressed into service. The dining hall was transformed 
into a Las Vegas gaming room, with dealers and roulette spinners 
dressed in black and white, complete with arm bands and visors. 
The din was unbelievable as mothers and daughters squealed 
when they won and groaned when they lost. 

On Sunday there was a special mother daughter chapel, followed 
by lunch in the dining hall. Whether the moms came from 
Vermont, Florida, Richmond, or Raleigh, it was a lovely weekend 
that will provide fond and lasting memories. 

Mother Daughter Weekend 

Heady for a fashion show) Kathenne 
Holt, Frances Carstarphen, and mothers 
sit and await the fashion show. 

Like mother like (laughter! Caroline Davis 
and her mother Coco, share that same wel- 
coming St. Mary's smile. 

62 Mother/Daughter Weekend 

What a beauty! 

This year, we continued 
the tradition, and put on 
another fashion show. The 
theme was "My Girl". Betsy 
Hill comments while 
Deborah Aycock walks down 
the runway. 

^VBeHHI^ — 1Mb. .. 

Moms come to 
see "their girl" 

"74\y mot Act Is h 
ivomtlYi ivko speaks 
ivith her Cile as much- 
US With her tongue." 

This is my mom! Even though Mika Lanier's mom did not 
fly in from Texas, Mika had her mom with her; on her shirt. 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 63 

The 1996 College Tennis Team met the challenge of 
it's most competitive schedule in recent years, com- 
ing away with an 8 win, 4 loss record which includ- 
ed wins over Louisburg, Greensboro College, Mount Olive, 
Spartanburg Methodist, Salem and Peace College. 
Sophomores Holly Evans, Shaner Garner, and Stephanie 
Phillips were joined by freshman newcomers Whitley Adkms, 
Ashley Barber, Ryan Demer, and Jennifer Locke. Adkins led 
the team at the number one singles position, posting as 11-0 
record and was the team's MVP Demer, playing either the 
number 5 or 6 singles position finished match play with a 9- 
1 record. The team qualified as Regional Champion to par- 
ticipate in the national championships of the National Junior 
College Athletic Association at the Division I level. 
Sophomores Evans, who won her last three singles matches 
to round out four years of team tennis at Saint Mary's, 
Garner, last season's MVP, and Phillips, who played on Saint 
Mary's teams for three years, will leave gaping holes in next 
year's line-up. 

Togetherness was the key to a wonderful 1996 season lor the college tennis team. (L-R) Ashley Barber, Shaner Ga 
Jennifer Locke, Holly Evans, Stephanie Philips, Ryan Demer and Whitley Adkins. 

The 1996 College Tennis Team made all the right steps to have a winning season. They were (L-R) Holly Evans, Stepha 

Phillips, Shaner Garner, Ryan Demer, Ashley Barber, and Whitley Adkms. (Not pictured: Jennifer Locke) 

64 College Tennis 

Division II Regional Champs 

reshman Adkins Won AID 

Whitley Adkins, Jennifer Locke, Ashley 
Barber, and Holly Evans wait lor a table 
for dinner following the team's final win 
of the 1996 season. 

"Jn no <?ttimi titnycA 
iwtA d (wit is concen- 
tration ^renter tknn 
in tennis/ 

Number one singles player whit- 
ley Adkins was undefeated in 
match play in 1996. 

College Tennis 65 

Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins frequently enter- 
tain students in their lovely home on 

Even the faculty gets a kick out of 
graduation. Drs. Guilmart and 
Caddell are cracking up at something 
that seems to have passed over Drs. 
O'Shaughnessy, Proctor and Bauso. 

Faculty and Staff are People Too! 

Mr. G. is one more good sport and it is all because of his 
international soccer background. When you have played the 
game at that level, a dunk in a bucket ol water is small 

Something has made Mary Virginia 
Swam happy. 

Dr. Cadell's puppy dog eyes do have a baleful look. 

66 Candids 

Dr. E. just never lets up. 

"theories UnA 
<%oats ofi edu- 
cation Aon t 

matter a 

ivk\te \t yon 

don't consider 

your students 

to be human 


LdkA»» V$*tkc 

Candids 67 



'U £ 


Watdl Raven run. The dream team is pictured on the right. Front row left to right: 
Meredith Joyner, Coleen Bove, Regan Carpenter, Amanda Horner, Charlotte Roberts, Kyrstin 
Knst, and Kim Pouland. Back row, Sarah Yarborough, Alex Georgeady, El Boykin, Raven 
McDonald, Kathenne Wrenn, Jennifer Lewis, Kaye Brownlee, Coach Davis Dillon, Meredith 
Arnold, Kristin Mitchell, Kelly Karras, Mandy Reutter, Sloane McClure, and Elbe Chi Ids . 

High School Soccer Kicks 







, ^^E 











it* 4* 



V*. ^ 


Whit exactly ii Jennifer Lewis doing' Is this a dance or a game? 

High school soccer 

What a pair. Kristin Mitchell and Kelly Karras played soccer togeth- 
er for years before they came to lead our fledgling team to three 
incredibly successful years. 

Swinging into Playoffs 

Ninth grader Sloane McClure leads the pack on this run. 

"*Jt'& nutty 

ImpDS&lfrU fior 

Athtetes to firoiv 

Hi}. ^/Is ton<£ AS, 

you're ptAyin^/ no 

one t^vltt let yon. 

£)n the one hAnA/ 

yonr're A ch"itA, 

Stitt ptAying A 

fltinii. y^nA 

everybody AronnA 

yon Acts tike A 
kid/ too. ~£>nt on 

the other hAnA, 
you're A snperhn- 

n\An hero that 

everyone AreAnxS ol 

{tem^t. y\o i^-On- 

Aer ive hAve such 

A harA time 


ivho i-ve Are." 

High School Soccer 69 

Is this our very own Mr. McRae ! He cer- 
tainly seems intent on putting his best foot 

1 ' fl 1 

| il 

m t *J 


PHi * k ■ 

^^. L'J 1 * ■ 

Spring Formal Brings Out the Bi 

THIS is the Kristin Mitchell who also plays soccer? What an amazing transformation 

70 Spring Formal 

Jennifer Lewis appears to have her eye set on something as she talks to Kaye Brownlee. And one more time, it is Joey, KK. and Kel. 

Belles and Beaus Dance 

cation Is HSU- 

titty karmt-nt 

to 4 Adncer. 

/[ $ooA cat^ 

Is tetter than 
a %ooA head." 

h Mr. G. so smug because he is sitting with Kim Gabele and Dr. Bauso, or is it something else' Talk about the cat and 
the canary sort of look.. . 

Spring Formal 7 1 

Who's Got the Scoopl 


Nice Glasses! 

President of Scoop, Ann Dial McMillan, 
marches through the college halls in 
search ol their next member. 

We Do! We Do! 

I've got the scoop! 

Carolyn Stettinius looks 


up for a moment dur- 

■ KS 

ing the Scoop Initia- 




Where am I going? 

Christy Hall sings along, 
and wonders what is 
going to happen next. 


Shadows from the past 

4H1H"— — H M | |iH| 


Spring Fling; a Celebration of 

74 Spring Fling 


Spring Fling 75 

College Student Government Association Officers are from left to right, front row: Tracy Tranguch, College Residential Council Chair; Stephanie Phillips, Vice 
President; Karen Edmondson, Secretary/Treasurer; back row, left to right; Tracy Ivey, Judicial Board Chair; Kari Syrdahl, Judicial Board Vice Chair; Holly Evans, 
SGA President; Sherrod Sisco, Social Chair. 


High School SGA Officers are from left to right; Laura-Burke Davis, Secretary/Treasurer.Jackie 
Rogers, SGA President; Robin Thomas, Vice President; Blair Hinton, Day Student Social Chair' 
Jennifer Lewis, Day Student President; Eliza Jenkins, Boarder Social Chair; kneeling, Louise 
Harris, Advisor. 

76 SGA 

College Resident Advisors are front row, Allison Thompson and Jennifer Spencer; Back row, Deborah Aycock, Jamie Griswold, Phebe Hubbard, and Thronie 

R.A.'S Rock 

High School Resident Advisors are, front row; Carrie Upchurch, Katherine Wrenn, and- Zeb Leung; Back row; Lawren Townsend, Emme Barfield, Kimry 
Blackwelder, Kristin Jenks, and Elizabeth Davis. 

Resident Advisors 77 

Supreme Softball 

"Good game girts!" Erica 
Lind, LaQuoia Johnson, 
Wendy Aukland, Molly 
Hassinger, Hope Valentine, 
and Caroline Davis practice 
outstanding sportsmanship. 

Coach Cannady studies her 

game plan while her team 
gets psyched. 

Coach Cannady deans the 

plate for Molly Hassinger. 

Just look at Alice 
Manning's lorm. Go girl! 

78 Softball 

Alia, UQuoia, Hope, LuAnne and Erica are stretching out, hopefully BEFORE the game and 
not during it. 

Softball 79 

Ninth Grade 

30 Ninth Grade 

Ninth Grade 81 

Meredith Arnold 

April Brown 

Chandra Caldwell 

EUie Childs 

Heather Clark 
Caroline Davis 
Chrissy Fiorilli 
Poem Gardiner 

Leslie Guilmart 

LaQuoia Johnson 

Anna Kvanwig 

Kristin Poole 

Ann Urquhart 

Say whit? And this girl 
is the secretary/treasur- 
er of the ninth grade? 
Caroline Davis is part 

Juit because we did not get a portrait taken does not mean we can't be in the yearbook! So here we are, as we 
were! Sarah Yarborough and Hannah Bason sure seem happy enough to be ninth graders! Sarah is also President 
ol the ninth grade. 

82 Ninth Graders 

• ■ - 

' ' ' - . .. ' - 


'~ . 

' -- 

Laina Rawat signs out at the end of another oh, so long day. 

• - - * ■ ■ V ' - -• 

- -J- * : s - ■ -W 

„• ■ '■;■■ -- .. ■ .-.• . . 

That Mr. Hil is so bossy she thinks she can hold hurricanes at bay. (Well, actually, i( she did not do it, who did?) 

Katie Ban is lull ol smiles. 

lolly Hassinger is usually the one who keeps East Park laughing. Look at that smile. 

Ninth Graders 83 

84 Tenth Graders 



Tenth Graders 85 

Brenn Boisseau 

Ragan Carpenter 

Catherine Cerne 

Catherine Forsythe 

Sarah Harris 

Anna Honeycutt 

Amanda Horner 

Kathryn Krouse 

Lawrence Carson 

Erica Lind 

Missy Lund 

Katherine Mitchell 

Kim Moore 

Lee Posey 

Melissa Razabdouski 

Cammie Sharpe 

Elizabeth Smith 

Hope Valentine 

Megan Warren 

Faten Shaikh 

86 Tenth Graders 

Rella Haire 

Just before take-off. Busch Gardens, 
Williamsburg, sore feet. (Charlotte 
Frances Floyd is on the second row, sec- 
ond from the left. She did not get her 
picture in the ninth grade section, but 
here she is!) 

A day at the ochun is a wonderful thing. 

East Park. Early morning. Is Dr. Grissom going 
or coming from her tenth grade English class? 
Mitchell is awfully happy lor eight o'clock. So is 
Megan, so it must be nine. 

Tenth Graders 87 

84 Juniors 


Juniors 89 

Nealy Angell 

Missy Bailes 

Carolyn Ballard 

Sarah Barbee 

Jill Blanchard 

Dare Branch 

Eleia Branch 

Christiana Brewer 

Kaye Brownlee 

Buffy Burgess 

Tamara Cochran 

Chiistian Cooke 

Meghan Costello 

Cathryne Czubek 

Amy DeCori 

Kristin Donaldson 

Julie Eagle 

Lynne Meredith Ford 

Robin Freeman 

Liz Gaither 

90 Juniors 

Josey Harris 
Elizabeth Harwood 
Peyton Hill 
Marsh Howard 

Kate Hudson 
Elizabeth Jenkins 
Debi Jolly 
Meredith Joyner 

Anna Kiltie 
Maggie Klopp 
Cindi Knight 
Madelyn Lambi 

Steadman Lamm 
Meredith Lassiter 
Alice Manning 
Annie Mason 

Mary Morrison 
Jessica Nance 
Nancy Northcutt 
Porter O'Herron 

Juniors 91 

Allison Pahl 

Jenny Pate 

■ ~ ~ 1 1 

Claire Perkins 
Jamie Phillips 

ft " ' /l 

Betsy Poole 

Kim Pouland 

Emily Rawleigh 

Tiffany Repokis 

Mandy Reutter 

Charlotte Roberts 

w •*»■'. 


Eva Robertson 

^L > 

■ M 

Kelly Ross 

Elizabeth Rudner 

Christy Sadler 

92 Juniors 

Summer Van Wagnen 
Meredith Wiggs 

Juniors 93 





94 Seniors 


» < 

Seniors 9S 

There is no savor more sweet, more salt, than to 

be glad to be what, woman, and who, myself, I 

am. -Empress Nur Jahan 

Jiufu QktiiSmi /IttnA 

Remember when you're about to go off the edge, God, in His 

infinite mercy, made the world round. -Unknown 
The best way to look at school is through the rear view mir- 
ror. -Unknown 


^H.ln'itn /[ rthiie-jas 

\rf)cytAy {Jean /[nktHiiA 

tytoinnk greeks ~B>A%%itt 

These moments we are left with may you always remen 

these moments are shared by few. There's wind in our 

and water in our shoes. Thanks, it's been a wonderful cr 

-Jimmy Buffett 

'16 Seniors 

Thank* £U<\><cr gtrfUU 
friendship, lei there be laughter and the shar- 
,g of pleasures. For in the dew ol little tilings, 
thi 1 heart finds lis morning and is refreshed 
Kahlil Gibran 

X'W d<"f 3' 1liCr 

Greater love halh no man lay down Ins life lor his 


[ohn 15:13 

(Jennifer £ei$A gedsUy 

(Jennifer £fuMH6n J^ennctt £lizA6etd frocks 'Jycrnstcin 

k dream about the future, wo memorize die Reputation is precious, Inn character is priceless, 

l when just a simple reaching out could build Take eare of your character, and your reputation 

a bridge diat lasts, -David Crosby will take care of itself Unknown )rl/trAiii "^iiknett 

Seniors 97 

I wanna laugh while the laughin's fun. I wanna 

smile if it makes it worthwhile. I may never pass 

this way again so I'm glad I had this time with 



7KMU £tlz*6ttA gtmn 

May the Lord keep watch between you and me 

when we are away from each other. 
You never really leave a place you love. Part of it 
you take with you, leaving a part of you behind. 


y /Catdryn Quaker 

Some day 

wait and see, this will just be a memc 

ry, and I'll look back with no regrets. Good 


like this 

can't forget. -Unknown 


L «k 



0oiiun "yHnr'ic £>Dve 

If you live your life always in the past, you lose a 

little of yourself every day. But for me, I'd rather 

wait to see the end. -Cape Fear 

We came expecting, we left remembering. We 
came empty, we lett filled. We came as many, we 
left as one. We cames as strangers, we left as fri- 
ends. We came with nothing, we left with it all! 

^linnet V^UiUmS "feoyk'tn 
Pee Wee, I know you are growing up, but I w 
never stop worrying about you, because I'm yc 
mother and you will always be my only little g 
-My Mommy 


Emily Johnson 

98 Seniors 

Keep your words sweet, you may have to eat 
them one day. 

What a long, strange trip it was. And remember 
to always save the roaches. -Grateful Dead 

tjlHvufrtr JLesCti JZ,nrnette 

The good times come-the bad times go-fast times 

help make it so-the time is right for what we 

know-these must be the best years of our lives. 

-"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" 

/It'tc'm /Inne 0t\rrolt 
We must cultivate our garden. 


Qkri&CitiA QCtZfifrith (?ertv~m 

I'd say I'm a kinda fly by the seat of my pants 

gal. know, moment to moment. ..yeah, that's 

me. -Julia Roberts, "Pretty Woman" 

(J tlthilr'inl J^HSHnne (j!Aflpmttn 

I laugh because I have no idea what's going on. 


Seniors 99 

/ImMA* Lift* C^'it -fCk'm 

And a little child shall lead them. 

-Isaiah 11:6 

7l*ncy Uf te " CM 
May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at 
your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face... 
until we meet again.. 


£l'iznfatd jLcifid Counts 

Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection 

the lovers, the dreamers, and me. 

-Kermit the Frog 

^,ntn>t yftvfiAm Crosby 

Remember, the wise carry their knowledge as 

they do a watch, not for display, but for their 

own use. 

Stomachs aren't waste baskets! 

J^nxrtt ~g?nrki Z>4v~is 

Be careful what you wish for-you might get it. -Unknown 

I'm so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh 

and sing a song. Seems we just got started and before you 

know it, comes the time to say so long. -Carol Burnette 

yhtr^nret £(iza6ttA Z>*vis 

Somehow I know we'll meet again, not sure qu 

where, and 1 don't know just when. You're in r 

heart, so until then-it's time for saying good-b) 

-The Muppets 

100 Seniors 

.et's drink a toast to what might have been, to all that we 

were but can't be again, here's to the past 


To Graham- I will always love you. 

Far away, there in the sun are my ghighest aspira- 
tions, I may not reach them, but I can look up 
and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to 
follow where they lead. -Louisa May Alcott 

yi'iA/i ZiHsoikdanovHn Z>nzttnev/t 

Eureka! Knowledge of languages is the gateway 

to wisdom. Nature in you stands on the very 

verge of her confine. The only way to keep a 

secret is to say nothing. -Aida Duzbaeva 

iome day an answer will find us quite a long 
lot, but anyway. 1 think the past is behind us, 
real confusing if not, buy anyway. I put all my 
>pe in tomorrow it's gonna be great I can tell. 

jrjextAer ^/{tt'tscn W~mzer 

You will do foolish things but do them with 



Seniors 101 

You can't give people pride, but you can provide 

the kind of understanding that makes people look 

to their inner strength and find their own sense 

of pride. -Charleszetta Waddles 

£,Arn(\ }-jeyiUy ^'ivtnS 
To be a star, you ust shine your own light, follow 
your own path, and don't worry about the dark- 
ness, for that is when stars shine brightest. 

yHdrm t^rnnAn 

A true friend is a person who knows all your 

faults but loves you anyway. 

All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother. 
-Abraham Lincoln 

T r "^y ^M" 1 Morris 

Vutlr'm XjU JrlnrtmHH 

1 am who I am and that is all that 1 am. 

102 Seniors 

wo roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the 
le less traveled by, and that has made all the dif- 
ference. -Robert Frost 

T^tlry 'g.tit'ir }r\hittn 

True friends are hard to make, even harder to 

leave, and impossible to forget. 

}r\a\thzr J^ci^h jrjctAen 

£r'in £,t'tZf\{>ith }-jnyes yittt 

he conflict in my lite is between the gypsy in 

my soul and the homemaker in my heart. 

£^24 CUrk Jenkins 

1 always knew I'd look back on my tears and 

laugh, but I never knew I'd look back on my 

laughter and cry -Unknown 

0lnrtney ,/l/innii ^jessup 

Seniors 103 

/Crhthi ll'tzuktk finks 

Whai lies behind you and what lies ahead of you is nothing 

compared to what lies within you. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Qkrist'im /| nn tyhnscn 

B m 'h £ Hi/t " Hansen 

I'd like to be lost in the mountains (I guess to regain my sani 

ty) or be on a tropical island with no freaks to bother me; jut 

me, some pals and my stuff. 


/ImtH.U 7~1\*r'u /CtrAH 

/CiKy /l>'>< /Cat r us 

We'll laugh until we have to cry, we loved right down to our 

last good-bye, and through (he years when we recall, we had 

it all lor lust a moment -St. Elmo's Fire 

£,t'iznidk yjeeper /Cnex. 

American by birth; southern by the grace of God. 

And everything around me are things I dearly love and ever) 

night I get on my kneww and thank the Lord above. 

X^Aurn yjiepir /Cxlic 

he sun smiled down, all the clouds rolled away, God made 

woman on a good day. 

-Tracy Lawrence 

/Cyrst'm /Crist 

Shakespeare said that all the world's a stage. So live, live, live, 

life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death 

-Sorry Gilbert 

~2-ih'mn £i-<Q><il X'*"»5 

Qiymittt /I mi JjiHni 

In everything you do, always shoot for the moon, even if you 

miss, you'll be among the stars 

-Dr. Seuss 

Qkrist'iYiA ~£>dk JJink 

Seniors 105 

QessicA ~g,lnki XAttle 

0Ar'ist'me Jitm'ise Jiozeivsk'i 

As long a sthere is a post and the telephone is not 

cut off, so long as we have things to tell and joys 

and anxieties to share-we will be friends. Always. 

-Marion C. Garretty 

Courtney £,t~izn{nth "VftcCorttiuk 

The smile is a crooked line that sets everything 


-The bathroom stall of Ziggy's 




I'm so glad we had this time together, just to 
have a lai>gh and sing a song. Seems we just got 
started and before you know it comes the time to 

Character cannot be developed in ease and quite. 
Only through experiences of trial and suffering can 

the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, am- 
bition inspired and success aceived. -Helen Keller 

0*rHhu yfarckmt YKttcUtt 

The chance to change the mistakes of our past, or the 
opportunity to live in a memorable moment forever, is 

nothing compared to the courage to face those mis- 
takes, and the strength to remember each memory and 

move on to make new ones. -Caroline M. Mitchell 

106 Seniors 

/Cristen gtizntetA 1>ftitMU 

/1'trtn £t\zn{>tth 7/JinrrA 


Tfl'try £t'iznt>dh £>'Z>t>>ntelt 

You and I will meet again, when we're least 

expecting it. Somewhere in some far out place, I 

will recognize your face. I won't say goodbye my 

friend, for you and I will meet again. -Tom Petty 

Though separated by manymiles, we will keep 

each other's smiles in our hears. And with each 

part, our friendship will grow stronge, and with 

each and every day that seems longer. 

Don't live off what happened yesterday, but strive 

for what could happen tomorrow. 

Don't look down on someone unless you are 

helping them up. -Publilus Syrns 

Sl Ht 1 A'titt ^Preiii 

Seniors 107 





The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. 
-Muriel Ruckeseyer 

It does not matter how slow you go, so long as 

you do not stop. 


,/lt'ice y\'tciU ^AvAfti 

I'm not aware of loo many things, I know what I 

know if you know what I mean. 

-Edie Brickell 

£,t'tzni>eth "p%itr'ie J~,c(\rce,\ir 

f\ tty&Sn ^Arn ^cttt 

Life is a test, only you can't study for it- you |ust 

have to smile and do the best that you can with 

what life gives you. 

$nlU C- £'Mir 

You never really leave a place you love. take 

part of it with you leaving part of yourself 

behind. -Unknown 

108 Seniors 

y7\nry "^rtmkt ^tu'itA 

You are never lost if you are happy where 

you are. 

jLm /\ HfitlmA ^tArt'infi 

£ttyi "pflUAeUe £ticktr 

Thank you for the days, those endless days, those 
sacred days you gave, I'm thinking of the days, I 
won't forget a single day, believe me. -K.MacColl 
Never let school interfere with your education. 

We do not remember the days, we remember the 


-Casare Pavese 

Don't wait for your ship to come in. ..swim out to 

meet it! 

fct'iz&btth jLm^rinci ~£eivnsenA 

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have 

the courage to lose sight of the shore. 

Seniors 109 

AM'i J? r y'» K Twjji 

What has puzzled us before seems less mysteri- 
ous, and the crooked paths look straighter as we 

approach the end. 

-Jean Paul Richter 

1 i ai I 

Curru £,t'izn{ntk (/CfichnTck 

The past should be a springboard, not a 

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to 


-Janis Joplin 

J^nrnh jZytHHrt \Jiotn 

Courtney (?(eary \rfeiU 

To be nobody but yourself in a world of which is 

doing us best, night and day, to make you everybody 

but yourself-means to fight the hardest battle which 

any human being can fight ,and never stop lighting 


JjttCU Christine /% ttreA 
J_,cnsie Z/aiAine ~^nnst 
/£e(i C Arista* jgry/ixf 
Jinn.rn £{iznfreth Qrtiiv 
^tevAayiie fiZitiyyi J_,oy 

fclvm 71'u-Mc yhcTboMtA 

^C,yAnor 0nznrt \/^i(('mntS 

The heart has its seasons, its evenin's and songs 

of its own. 

-Grateful Dead 

1 ') Seniors 

punier {Joy X/^itAtt 

/Catherine £(''Zl6ctA \z*$reym 

The best and most beautiful things in the world 

cannot be seen or even touched. They must be 

felt with the heart 

Seniors 1 1 1 


1 1 2 Freshmen 


Freshmen 1 1 3 

Lisa Bauer 

Gabrielle Binder 

Lindsay Blackburn 

Kristi Blake 

Kristi Brown 

Chandler Byrd 

Anne Gibson Connell 

Elizabeth Craig 

Erin Donohue 
Gretchen Eason 
Alice Eggleston 

Sheldon Elliot 

1 *" **■ 


1 / 

r r 1 

W \ 


1 14 Freshmen 

Holly Hendricks 
Marlene Heymer 
Jeannie Holloman 
Katherine Holt 

Berry Howell 
Liz Johnson 
Melissa Lloyd 
Steffie Moore 

Bennie Carol Phillips 
Jettie Portwood 
Cristina Posse 
Lynn Pritchett 

Hannah Purvis 
Erin Ragan 
Emily Richardson 
Amanda Rinker 

Anita Sadler 
Erin Snipes 
Leigh South 
Carolyn Stettinius 

Freslunen 1 1 S 

Susannah Tantemsapya 
Cooper Thomhill 
Leslie Wade 
Jackie Watson 

Helen Wintermeyer 
Kristin Woods 

1 6 Freshman 

Freshmen 1 1 7 

1 1 8 Sophomores 


1 1 9 Sophomores 

(nasal accent:) "Sandy from Miami" "waitress 

from hell" "I'll miss you Jerry!" "Workin' hard 

this week & slept through class again!" "I'll miss 

all you spoiled brats!" 

<JntU/Mne £CiZA{ntk ^rnotA 

Z>e{nTAk C^timti ^ycock 

To know is nothing at all; to imagine is 


-Anatole France 

„/i«ty ^£vitti ^/[tk'initin 

'Zyun'ulti J^ecnH ~£,encfur 

I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry 

with the saints, because only the good die young. 

-Billy Joel 

Funniest Best Dressed 

Jennifer Ormsby and Ann Karen Edmundson 

Dial McMillan 

120 Sophomores 

Class Horn 

Kelly Livingston 

Host Generous 

Katie Duckworth 



I '* 



k ViB : 

Z)a>iha 0iit 'ZiArattty 

,-.'l . 

fcr> ■** ' 



"Vhet'issil ClrcC Z>e'v /CntAryu j^AesA/ittn/i Z>it^ktvcrtA 

No one is guaranteed happiness. Life just gives Long you live and high you fly, smile you'll give 

us time and space. It's up to us to fill it with joy and tears you cry, and all you touch and all you 

and meaning. -Unknown see is all the life you will ever be. -Pink Flyd 

The dance goes on forever, and so shall I. 
-Gelsey KirkJand 

WMi fay £ v/lni 

Sudden and swift and light as that, the ties gave. 
-Robert Frost 

JyAtiner ~£ipphts ^tlryxir 

Sophomores 1 2 1 




^ Afl 



rfenn'iUr "ptifrcccti £3ur'%i 

Don't be dismayed at good-byes, for farewell is 

necessary before meeting again and meeting 

again after moments of lifetimes is certain for 

those who are friends. -Unknown 

Promise me you will never forget me, because if I 

thought you would I would never leave. 

-Christopher Robin 

/Crista yinrmtm 

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because 

fiction is obliged to stick to possibblities. Truth 

isn't. -Mark Twain 

■fC'tn\{nrty y\vivte }rjHiSitC 

"yUclto'tt 14\tntU jrjttlKCS 

Maybe nothing lasts forever. Not the mountains 
or the sea. But the times we had together, they 
will always be with me. -The Samples Only 
regret what you have not done. -Jaquelin Jenkins 


Misty Taylor 


Becca George 

122 Sophomores 

Host Talkative 
Melissa Dew 

Host Artistic 

Phebe Hubbard 

~£r<\cy ^HZHnnt Jvey 

J^Hthrtm'm t^rnyndt (je^erSDyt 

£CiZ*{nth U T>CUUn 

. "■ 

W '*V 

r^ ^f 

( ^?Jk V 



Qicity fiZitiin jL,ntn 

A •>*<( X" IHncku 

0/tr'mn 0at(ur'ine "Yhn^Uch 

Sophomores 123 

//my Pttr'u-it yhiTr'tiiy 

Qamiltr fcl'iZAfoth Qrmihy 

CyUyhnn'li C,HSl[nni pttltips 

The future behngs to those who believe in the beauty of their 


-Eleanor Roosevelt 

£CiZ*{>itk V$*r,{ ^ittiKitH 

tfiyaultr j\nn ^nsmlv'uA 

/Cerk fct'tztfath IZttUrri 

Most Spirited 

Tracy Tranguch and 
Stephanie Phillips 

Host Likely to Succeed 
Elizaberti Killen 

124 Sophomores 

CjktrtcA £reii>M ^,'ucc 

£({{>• /I nAtritn ^nitk 

Qaaiiftr £Ci2nfoth £jiautr 
The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new land- 
scapes but in having new eyes. 
•Marcel Proust 

JjlU Qd'utU £fie. 

fafyr L>is C,tAt(\np 

Sophomores 125 




r W »& 


/■sJEfc j 

One must have chaos within oneself to give birth 

to a dancing star. -Nietzshe 

So before we end and begin again let's drink a 

toast to how it's been...L.I.B. M.R. DUCKS!! 

y^ntdr^n Z>ee ^zttAfiyi 

/[Wiilm £riv'iyt ~£6en*psi>yi 

Good-bye is not an ending when you know that 

people care, for miles may come between you 
but warm thoughts are always there. -Unknown 

,/Ihh 0AnAtiT \Jah~j(m 

ZieUa JLyA'm VVnsfun^tin 

126 Sophomores 


turn ^[nyi £,ritvn 

Z>4yyia ~£>r'tt £MvArA& 

Christy {tfAyU y\nti 

The people on our planet are not standing in a 

line single file. Look closely. Everyone is really 

standing in a circle, honding hands. Whatever 

you give to the perso standing next to you. it 

eventually comes back to you. (Give a smile, 

make the world brighter.) 

yintnlU {Jean (Jones 

/Ce((y £,CtZnfrith J^'iv'ivKgstlin 

^nrnd fct'iztlbtth \Jnnn\tUr 

There are only two races on this planet- the 

intelligent and the stupid. -John Fowles 

Illegitimi Non Carborundum -Unknown 

Y\,/lncy ~g,rystn "jrl'ilt 

lappiness for the average person may be said to flow 

largely from common sense-adapting oneself to cir- 

cumstances-and a sense of humor Beatrice Lilhe 

Sophomores 127 


eneath a Saint Mary's blue sky shade dappled 
The Grove where the families of the girl grad- 
uates sat. The air was crisp and the day was 
golden. Frances Shultz, a journalist who graduated 
from the high school in 1976 and from the college in 
1978 was the speaker for the high school graduation. 
Henry Read, who retired at the end of this year after 
almost two decades as director of development, spoke 
to the graduating sophomores. 

Marshalls, gowned in white and draped in blue rib- 
bons, led the faculty processional and then the gradu- 
ates while a brass band played the triumphant march 
tune. Parents dabbed at moist eyes as their girls made 
their way to the dais to receive the rolled white parch- 
ment that signified the end of a special time in their 


Henry bad sped the col- 
lege graduates on their way 
with a speech that con- 
tained humorous references 
to his own college career. 

Frances Shultz assured the 
high school graduates that 
she was a model student 
during her career at SMC. 
Everyone but Dean Jones 
appeared to believe her. 

1 28 Graduation 

Surely Katy Peacod has not 

told a joke to high school 
graduate Kristen Mitchell 
and her younger sister 
Kathenne. Surely not. 

A Perfect Day in May 

Above, Eleia Brandt sits 
with Kyrstin Krist's mother 
and big sister Kaitlin. 

Jennifer Lewis bids her 

classmates a fond farewell. 

Graduation I28A 

Becca George awaits her big moment with mixed feelings. 

far right, Nancy Hill shakes hands with Dean Jones as Nancy 
receives her second Saint Mary's diploma. 

Thronie Jefferson doesn't seem to 
mind that Dr. Jenkins and Dean 
Jones are waiting to hand her her 

There is a twinkle in Jennifer Ormsby's eye as she heads to 
the front of The Grove with the other graduating sopho- 

Graduation 128B 

Jamie Grfswold and Becca 
George bring tears to the 
eyes of their classmates 
when they sing a duet. 

The Grove in afternoon 


Tne manhaJIs are waiting 
to close the heavy double 
doors leading into Smedes 
for the last time. School is 
officially closed for the 
995-1996 year. 

Graduation 1Z8C 

Raven McDonald and her 

mother Barbara in Iront of 
Belles for one last time. Smedes Ha ,| 
The college graduates listen 
attentively to Mr. Read. 

Jocth/n Fuller in a moment Dee Dee Washington and 

of reflection. her proud father. 

128D Graduation 

SSHte^j-... a ,.*,*j 

Memories to Last a Lifetime 

Memories 129 

30 Candids 

Candids 131 

1 32 Candids 

Candids 133 


134 Faculty 




m BB 1 J 




1 1 


f^HK^«?~''^' - '-' 



1 ^Sv^ 

^1 *H36tr - 



I . H 


. J 

Faculty !35 

Vickie Allen, Secretary, 
Buildings and Grounds 
Ellen Anderson, Associate 
Professor of Art, Chair, 
Division of Fine Arts 
Joan Battle, Director of 
College Transfer Program 
Dr. Thomas Bauso, Associate 
Professor of English 
Em Benjamin, Instructor of 

Maggie Bennett, Instructor 

of Fine Arts 

Christine Benshoff, Head 


Ellen Birch, Fletcher 

Distinguished Professor of 


Louise Bolash, Library 

Circulation/ Serials 


Phillip Brune, Instructor of 

Biology (Not pictured) 

Dr. Joseph W. Caddell, 

Associate Professor of 


Georgette Campbell, 

Associate Professor of 


Roianne Cannady, Director 

of Athletics and Physical 

Education, Trainer and 


Sarah Clark, secretary to the 

Dean of the College 

Ibby Connell.Assistant to the 

Alumnae Director 

Sue Danielson. Mailroom 


Coco Davis, Assistant to the 
Dean of Students 
Sandra Delia Rosa, Student 
Billing Coordinator 
Dave Dillon, Director of 
Buildings and Grounds 
Michael Edwards, Instructor 
of Mathematics 
George Ebrhardt, Assistant 
Professor of History 

Meta Ellington, Chaplain 
Barbara Elliot, Assistant 
Professor of Mathematics 
Dr. Steven W. Esthimer, 
Rankin Professor of 
Humanities, Chair Division 
of Humanities and Social 

Ashley Fielden, Associate 
Director of Admissions 
Hiram Fuller, Buildings 
Maintenance Supervisor 

136 Faculty and Staff 

Kim Gabele, Instructor of 

Psychology and Health; 

Swim Coach 

Jessica Gammon, Tennis 


Thelma D. Gardiner, 

Accounts Payable, 


Ken George, Campus 

Technology Coordinator 

Kurt Ogbum Gilliland, 

Instructor ol Biology 

Margaret Hambrici Glaze, 

Alumnae Director 
Gloria Graham, Library 
Dr. Margaret Grissom, 
Associate Professor of 
English; Chair, Division ol 
Languages and Literature 
Dr. Kenneth Guillmart, 
Associate Professor of Latin 
Rebekah Gunn, Associate 
Professor ol English 

Nicole Hagan, Academic 

Progress Coordinator; 

Foreign Language Instructor 

John Ham, Assistant 

Professor of Humanities and 

Social Sciences 

Blanche Hancock, College 

Placement Counselor for the 

High School 

Louise Harris, Director ot 

Student Activities 

Pamela Helms, Instructor of 

Social Sciences 

Jennette Herbert, Director of 

Betsy Hill, Ninth and Tenth 
Grade Coordinator 
Karen Hillman, Assistant 
Professor of Spanish 
Hilda Holland, 
Administrative Assistant to 
the President 

Dr. John C. Hume, Jr., Dean 
of the College; Assistant 
Professor of History 

Krista Hurlburt, Food 

Services Director 

Gail Ivey, Capital Campaign 


Dr. Clauston Jenkins, 

President of Saint Mary's 

Collge and High School 

Margie Johnson, 



Sarah Johnson, Library 


Faculty and Staff 137 

Mary Lou Jones, Dean of 
Students (with Daisy) 
Tracey Jones, Director ot 
Student Life and Housing; 
Resident Director, 
Gary Kewish, Security 
Supervisor (Not Pictured) 
Ann Kiser, Resident 
Director, Third Smedes 
Randall Lathan, Lecturer, 
Department of English 
Bonnie Leopard, Secretary, 
College Transfer Office 

Margaret Majecic, Resident 
Director, 2nd Smedes 
Barbara Mathieu, Registrar 
Edward Mathieu, Chair, 
Division of Math and 
Science; Associate Professor 
of Chemistry 
Mary Ethel McCorkle, 
Director of Finance 
Sue Mehibaksh, Instructor 
of Mathematics 

Art McRae, Associate 

Professor of Mathematics 

Dr. Lucy Melbourne, 

Associate Professor of 


Susan Musgrave, Director of 

Annual Giving 

Larita Nelson, Computer 

Records Supervisor, 


Dr. Margaret 

O'Shaughnessy, Associate 

Professor of English 

Katy Peacoci, Instructor of 


Pat Plant, Bookstore 


Gisella Plemmons, 

Bookstore Assistant 

Vickie Posey, Instructor, 

Divison of Languages and 


Dr. Beth Proctor, Assistant 

Professor of English 

Dr. Caroline Pruden (Not 
Pictured) Assistant Professor 
of History 

Dr. Wiley S. Quinn, m, 
Fletcher Distinguished 
Professor of Humanities 
Henry Read, Director of 
Catherine Scott, Assistant 
Director of Admissions 
Gretchen Smith, Director of 
High School Admissions 
Louise Smith, Instructor, 
Languages and Literature 

138 Faculty and Staff 

If "* ■*■ 1 


1 J 

T ' 

v> I 



Laura Stark, Instructor of 
French and Spanish 
Selden Steed, Director of 
financial Aid 
Mary Virginia Swain, 
Director of Communications 
Terry Thompson, Assistant 
Professor of Music 
Christine Thomson. 
Reference Librarian 

Jane Walker, UN. Head 

Marty Wessel, Assistant to 
the Registrar 
Rebecca Wills, 
Administrative Assistant to 
the Director of Development 
Anna Wooten-Hawkins, 
Associate Professor of 

Tad Wyrnan, Director of 
Special Events 
Martha Yates, Assistant 
Director of Finance 



Faculty and Staff 139 

Stephanie Abee 

Leslie Allred 

Julianne Arnold 

Congratulations Stephanie! 

Live each day to the fullest, hold every moment of 
life sacred and be as proud of your accomplishments as 
we are. 

With all our love and support, 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations! Thanks for filling our lives with 

laughter, joy and love. May all your dreams come true 

and remember, you're never full)' dressed without a 

smile. We love you. 
Natalie and Julie 

Julianne, you are one of those rare people whose 
dreams will become reality. We are so proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, and Brian 

Katharyn Baden 

Emme Barfield 

Katharyn- Congratulations!!! We think of you as one 
who: Believe while others are doubting. Study while 
others are sleeping Prepare while others are daydream- 
ing. Begin while others are procrastinating Work while 
others are wishing Listen while others are talking. 
Persist while others are quitting Love, Mom, Dad, 
Johnny, and Matthew 

Jenny Bennett 

- -'IB 




«, f 


Congratulations' You made it Boogin! We love you 
very much and are very proud of you. Walk with the 
Lord as your guide, the sun in your face, and the wind 
at your back. 

Dad, Mom, Missy 

Hannah- From a girl to a lady grown, a life to lead as 
yet unknown. But as the bud shows the flower to be, 
wonder and joy fill us as we pause to consider th beau- 
ty yet shown; sure that God's good bloom we see kept 
in love by Him will be. Congratulations! 

With all our love, Mom and Dad GO EMIT, GO EMIT' 

Swing hard Scooter! 

The pride I feel in my brown eyed baby is exceeded 
only by my lone, Emme Low- who loves you? I tried 
to be sentimental but it just wasn't happenin'. I tried ; 
to be funny but I just couldn't get it! So all I can say is, 

Beth Bernstein 

Connie Bicknell 

From the day you were born, your sunny disposition 
and sweet ways have brightened our lives! We're so 
very proud of all you have accomplished and of who 
you are We love you so! 

Mom, Dad, and Blair 

140 Baby Pictures 

Kimry Blackwelder 

Keri Booker 

Colleen Bove 

'This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but 
enow what to do with it." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 
po with your positive attitude, cling to good values, be 
Honest, grow intellectually, seek excellence and always 
,erve God. We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Travis 

LuAnne Box 

Dear Ken, We love you for who you are, are proud of 
you for your many accomplishments, and look forward 
to the excitement of all your tomorrows. We wish you 
God's blessings in your journey through life and hope 
you may experience His grace during its joys and sor- 
rows. Mom, Dad, and David 

El Boykin 


Every season of our lives holds a beauty all its own. As 

you start a new season of your life, may it be blessed 

with all the beautiful gifts the world has to offer. 

Congratulations. We're so proud of you!! 

With all our love, Dad, Mom, Jon-Claude, Tim, Brendan 

Alicia Carroll 

ireat job Lu! Your Mother and I are very proud of you 
s a Student, an Athlete, and a Lady. Be ready for the 
jext step. Keep everything in perspective and persevere. 
Is always, We Love You. 

Mom and Dad 

Eleanor-Congratulations! to our "Pee Wee," "Little sis- 
ter," or "Huzzy Grunt" whatever your name happens to 
be- we are all so proud of you and wish you success 
and happiness in the future. We all love you- Mom, Big 
John, Clark, and Barnes 

Congratulations, Alicia! 

We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Amy and Alexandria 


ristina Cerwin 

• ^*^m^ 



\ *** 

s ^ 

Amanda Chit Khin 

Nancy Cobb 

ihallcnges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks 

It's just a matter of how you view them. 


With pride and love, 
Mom, Dad and Alex 

Amanda- Congratulations! 

Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, 
and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord. 
Love Dad 

what a wonderful world! 
Mom and Dad 

Baby Pictures 141 

Susan Crosby 





Elizabeth Davis 



1 jy | 

-— ■**■ 


Laura-Burke Davis 

Congratulations, Lizzie! We are so proud of you and all 

your accomplishments. May God continue to bless 

your future as much as you have blessed our lives. We 

wish you much happiness and we love you always! 


Mom, Dad, and Drew 

Congratulations on your graduation. We are proud of 
our Saint Mary's girl. 


Mom and Dad 

Katie Duckworth 

Dayna Edwards 

Jocelyn Fuller 

Beautiful, Kind, Gende, and Free. 
That's what our Katie has grown up to be. 
We are so lucky to be the proud parents 
of such a wonderful young woman. 
Love momma and daddy 

Becca George 

Cling to your ambitions, 

Shoot for the stars, 
Believe in yourself, Dayna, 
You are destined to go far. 

Much love, 

Mom and Dad 

Sarah Givens 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Keep 
dreaming Tigger! Keep working to make your dreams 
come true. We'll be here for you with love, support, 
and an admonition- "remember the Lorax." 
Love, Dawd, Madra, Jennifer, Julie, Bear, Shadow, and 

Maria Granda 

Becca- Oh, the places you'll go! Today is your day. 
Your mountain is waiting. So, get on your way And 
will you succeed? Yes! You will indeed, for your keen 
mind and your kind heart will always show you the 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Sarah, from your earliest days, you have 
faced the journey of life with a determined smile. Your 
courage and persistence have guided you to this land- 
mark. Now, your dreams will lead your ]ourney into 
the world. We love you and are proud of you. 

Congratulations! Mom, Dad, and Robert 

A Maria, sus padres y hermanas le cantan "Nanas de 

Es tu risa la espada mas victoriosa, vencedor de las 
flores y las alondras. Rival del sol. 
Porvenir de mis huesos y de mi amor 

142 Baby Pictures 

Mary Griffin 

Tracy Harris 

Elizabeth Hayes 

>• <«s 

- 2 


Mary Tennille- May all your wishes, hopes and dreams 
come true. God be with you, guide you and keep you 
safe as you explore the world. Carpe Diem! Remember 
we love you always and forever 

Mom and Ed 

Tracy- Congratulations! We are so proud of your hard 
work and accomplishments, and now the big day is 
here. Our love will always be with you as you meet 
new challenges and joys. God bless you and always be 
with you. All our love, 

Mom and Dad, Shannon and Ron 

Elizabeth- Kudos! We wish you the best of everything. 
Keep that smile always. May God bless you and be 
with you forever. We love you and are very proud of 

Mama and Daddy 

Nancy Hill 

Blair Hinton 

Heather Holden 

"May the road rise to meet you 

May the wind always be at your back 

May the sun shine warm on your face 

The rains fall soft upoin oyour fields 

And until we meet again 

May God hold you in the palm of his hand " 

I love you! Mom 

Phebe Hubbard 


Congratulations 1 We are so proud of you. 
Much love, 
Mom, Dad, Morgan and Chas 

Eliza Jenkins 

Through the darkest days of doubt you came shin- 
ing through. Each one of us wants you to know we're 
very proud of you! May your future bring you dreams 
come true, faith, strength, wisdom and of course, love. 
We love you! Your family 

Courtney Jessup 

We are proud of you. 

Courtney- Hey "seet-sing," congratulations! 
Graduation day is finally here. We wish you all the best 
life has to offer and know that you will have continued 
success in your next phase Keep your eye on the prize 
and enjoy the process! 

Love you, Mom and Dad 

Baby Pictures 143 

Kristin Jinks 

Christine Johnson 

Emily Johnson 

Kristin- Congratulations at this very special moment in 
your life. We are all so proud of the woman you have 
become We wish you success and joy as you begin 
your journey through college. 

All our love, 

Dad, Mom, Brian, and Kevin 

We are so proud of you. May your life be filled with 
love, peace, joy and the assurance that He who began a 
good work in you will carry it through to completion. 
-Phil 1:6 

Dad Mom Russ 

Love you, always. 
Mom and Dad 

Kelly Karras 

Kelly Karras 

Elizabeth Killen 


Congratulations to our special girl, we are so proud 
of you. May all your dreams come true! Ours have. 
We love you. 

Mom and Dad 


I'm proud of you, I'll miss you, I love you. 

Elizabeth- Our hears are filled with love and admira- 
tion for you as you graduate from Saint Mary's. We 
know your future will be bright because you are a ray 
of sunshine in all our lives. May God bless you with 
happiness and joy. Love, 

Mom, Dad, Annie, Jay, and Heidi 

Laura and Liz Knox 

Kyrstin Krist 

Mika Lanier 

You have always been our beautiful girls- we are so 
proud of you. Congratulations. 

Dad, Mom and John 

Kyrstin, You are a shining example of what a daughter Mika, Congratulations and "Kali epitihia." You have 

can be- love and laughter, beautiful and good, honest 
and principled, determined and independent, sensitive 
and intelligent. You are a shining example of what 
every parent wishes their daughter was and we are so 
very proud of you. 

always been our hope for the future, the light of our 
lives. Best wishes for your success and happiness. 
Love Mom Dad and John 

144 Baby Pictures 

Jennifer Lewis 

Christina Lind 

Kelly Livingston 


Keep reaching for [he best in you. We are very proud 
of your accomplishments. 

Mom and Melissa 

Christina- You still light up our lives with that gor- 
geous smile of yours. Take it with you as you enter the 
next stage of your life and we know it will bring happi- 
ness to you and to everyone you meet. We are very 
proud of you! 

Love, Mom and Dad God bless you! 

Kelly- Congratulations! We're so proud of you and all 
of your accomplishments at Saint Mary's! Remember; 
success is measured not only in achievements, but m 
lessons learned, lives touched, and moments shared 
along the way- you're on your way! Enjoy the journey! 
We love you, Mom, Dad, Erin and Skip 

Christine Lozowski 

Courtney McCormick 

Ann Dial McMillan 


Through all you have endured, you kept your sights 
nigh and believed in your dreams! Your future is 

All our love, Mom, Dad, Jeff, Joseph. Alexandra and 
/our guardian angel 

Little girls stay young forever in our hears and minds. 
But soon, we turn around, and they are grown To 
know you is to know a special bind of love, joy, and 
pride. We love you! Mom, Dad, and Katie 

Ann Dial- How far you have come (and how swifdy) 
since this Easter Sunday Our fondest wish is that you 
might continue to gather all the eggs which lie waiting 
for you, each with its own special moment of 
Discovery. All the best and all our love, Mom and Dad. 

Katie McNicholas 

Kelly Milward 

Caroline Mitchell 


atie- Congratulations! You did it! We are so proud of Congratulations Kelly! Your long awaited day of gradu- 

!ou. You have become a beautiful young woman with 
love of life and a spirit to match, may all of your 
opes, wishes, and dreams come true. God bless you. 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad and Chris 

ation is finally here. You have made it through many 
challenges and have emerged a strong, intelligent, won- 
derful young lady. We are so proud and happy for you. 
All our love and best wishes will remain with you 
always. Mom and Tricia 

CAROLINE- How proud of you we are for your many 
accomplishments! Your lovely smile, outgoing person- 
ality, sensitivity to others, and faith in yourself will 
lighten your life's path. May God always bless our pre- 
cious "Rosebud." We love you dearly, Mom and Dad. 

145 Baby Pictures 

Kristen Mitchell 

Elizabeth O'Donnell 

Jennifer Ormsby 

Kristen- Congratulations Sweetie! You've grown from 
our little "Dare Devil"- swinging in trees and falling off 
bikes- to a kind, intelligent, beautiful young woman 
with the greatest adventure of your life just ahead. Give 
it 1 1 percent and never give up on your dreams 1 
Love Always- Dad, Mom, Kelly, Katherine 

Amanda Page 


Sweet little girl, ribbons and curls, now she's in 
sweaters and jeans. Once on a trike, later a bike, now 
it's a horse or a Jeep Though a small child no more, it 
was plain from the start. We could not help but love 
you with all of our hearts. Mother and Dad 


Congratulations! We treasure every moment of the past 
eighteen years with you. We are full of pride over all 
your accomplishments. May the sun light up your 
future in the same way your smile always lights up our 
lives. God Bless you always. Much love, Mom and Dad 

Stephanie Phillips 

Congratulations, Jen, you've reached another milestone. 
May there be many more ahead. We love you! Mom, 
Dad and Chris 

Sommer Pope 

Stephanie- Congratulations! We are so very proud of 
you and your accomplishments at Saint Mary's. We 
wish you continued success in your future endeavors. 
We love you very much and will always be here for 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Sommer, Even as a small child you were head strong 
and determined. It was always, "I can do it." Well 
you've done it, congratulations! Keep that look of 
determinations and you can achieve anything. We are 
very proud of you. We love you "sunshine." 
Mom and Dad 

Laura Raynor 

Jackie Rogers 

Nikki Savage 

Congratulations Laura on your many splendid accom- 
plishments! You fill our lives with joy and happiness... 
thanks for being just who you are!! Good luck in all 
that lies ahead, always remembering how much we love 
you and are cheering for you!! Mom, Dad and Hurley, 
(Honey and Riley, too) RS.Triple S! 

Congratulations Jackie! 

We thank God for giving us such a special gift as you. 
We are very proud of your exemplary accomplishments. 
Thank you for all the joy you have given us. 
Mom and Dad 

Nikki, we are so proud of you- congratulations! 
Tomorrow brings a new beginning for you, and we 
know you are ready for it. Always remember we love 
you very much and we are here for you. You are always 
in our prayers. All our love, 

Mom and Dad 

146 Baby Pictures 

Elizabeth Schroeder 

Allyson Scott 

Elizabeth, A.K.A. Lizzie 1 Exciting, unpredictable, dis- 
strous, jubilant, hopeful are but a few words to 
escribe the love relationship we have shared, 
tongratulations and God be with you. You possess a 
est for life that will make the world a better place. Go 
;et 'em Liz! We love you, Mom and Dad 

You were a beautiful baby. Then you grew into a happy, outgoing, loving, honest, good, fun-loving and funny 
child. Now, you have even moved further into a special young woman adding such qualities as courage, giving and 

generous, and intelligence. Congratulations- 
There is nothing you can not accomplish in life as long as you work for it. Remember- al long as you do your best, 
you will always be the best. We are all so proud of you- we knew you could do it 1 
Love, Mommy, Gram , Uncle Mark, Aunt Sue, Jessica, Michelle, Geoffrey & Nicholas 

Jennifer Spencer 

Jennifer- What a pleasure it has been to see you trans- 
form from barefoot baby doll to the beautiful, indepen- 
dent young woman you are today. Congratulations to 
you! May all of your dreams of today become realities 
of tomorrow, God Bless You. 
All our love, Mom, Dad, and Meredith. 

Ellyn Stecker 

Adrianne Stone 

Misty Taylor 

It seems like yesterday you were just a little girl- 
how time marches on. 

We are so proud of you and all your accomplish- 
ments. May the future hold only the best of everything 
for you! We love you, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Adrianne! I am proud of all you have 
accomplished, but more importantly, I am proud of the 
lovely young, lady you have become. You have given me 
many years of joy and laughter and ! love you dearly. 

Misty Ann- Congratulations! You have reached another 
milestone in your life's journey. We are very proud of 
your accomplishments and wish you the best of every- 
thing now and in the future. Keep up the good work. 
All our love, Mom and Dad 

■ Pictures 147 

Tatum Taylor 

Ashley Twiggs 

Sarah Vanmeter 


We can't believe that our little "bathing beauty" is 
aduating from Saint Mary's. We are very proud of 


All our love, 

Mom and Dad 

Sarah Vaughan 

Congratulations Sarah 1 
Way to go! 
Your Family 

Ashley- Even at this age, you were a lovely, well-spo- 
ken, and determined young lady- all traits that will 
serve you well as you meet the challenges of the future. 
We love you dearly and are proud to be your parents. 

Mom and Dad 

Candler Vaughn 




Candler, you've come a long way and we are so very 
proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep up the 
good work and remember to always keep smiling! 
Congratulations! We love you because you are you. 
Love always, Mom, Dad, Stuart, Douglas, 
Francie, Zach, E, Winnie and Patches 

Sarah, Congratulations! As you move toward the 
future. 1 hope Saint Mary's becomes dearer with each 
memory. The Cold Cut performances brought so much 
joy to our visits this past year. We're so proud of you. 
Our love and prayers are always with you. 
Love, your family 

Sarah Viola 


Sarah: CONGRATULATIONS 1 We are so happy to have 
another "Saint Mary's Girl" in the family. How proud 
you have made us! You always have our thoughts and 
prayers in your journey through a healthy and joy-filled 
life. All our love, Mom and Papa 

Sydnor Williams 

Sumer Woodle 

Katherine Wrenn 



As you embark upon your future and all the chal- 
lenges this will bring, please remember two things, the 
"Blessing of Faith" and the "Voice of your Heart." We 
are so proud of you and love you dearly. 

Mom, Steve, Matthew, Caiti 

Katherine- You have always been your own person- and 

what a special person you are. Don't ever change. You 

will always be our "Bappy Doll." We are so proud of 

you. May all your dreams come true. The best to you 


With much love- Mom and Dad 

148 Baby Pictures 

I can't remember who met first... all 
I can remember is all of us 
together.-.forever. -St. Elmo's Fire 
For all the times I never said the 
things I should have, I thank you 
for all the times you understood. 
-Flavia Weeden 

A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out. 
Truly great friends are hard to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget. 

My, where has the time gone? -jimmy Buffett 

True friendship is like a rose: we don't realize it until it fades. 


Kel and Joey 

Baby Pictures 149 

You remind me about what the most 

important thing in life is. Friends, best 


- "Fried Green Tomatoes" 

How lucky are we to have friends like 

you that make saying good-bye so darn 


- Anonymous 

We love you all forever and ever. 

jocelyn and Beth 

Baby Pictures 150 



my the urn be alqays at your 
















Caroline Mitchell * Katie Chapman * Amanda Branch 

The times we've shared- the love we've known, the ways we've cared 

the ways we've grown, the friendships boil! we'll syrely cherish, the 

bonds we've made shall never parish, the experiences of life have 

come to us all, and each has made its mark not matter how small 

The tears, the laughter, the dreams and the smiles, make all the time 

seem so much worthwhile. And now as we end and begin again, we 

glance once more at those pictures within, and hope that someday wi 

can look back and see, what we gave each other, precious moments 

and fond memories. You will ail hold a spe= 
i my neart always. love you all very much and 11 wisr 
best of luck in years to come. You're the greatest! 

I love you, 
s - Class of '96 Elizabeth O'Donnell 

Nancy Cobb * Courtney McCormick * Leslie Allred * Elizabeth Shroeder 

Thanks for all 

















Baby Pictures 1 5 1 

. ^ ^^^M^^^^m^s^^ &, g^ ^ ^ ^ as**** 


and charming, Emma Thompson 
Academy Award-winning script 
stars in "Sense and Sensibility," 
comedy about two sisters 



m a 

WhatEVER! Alicia Silverstone stars in "Clueless' 
as a Beverly Hills princess. The hilarious teen 
comedy is based loosely on an 1816 novel 
by Jane Austen. 

In 'Casino,' 
Sharon Stone plays 
a veteran Las 
Vegas hustler in 
Martin Scorcese's 
three-hour depic- 
tion of how the 
mob controlled and 
ultimately lost Las 

« HL \ 

Master of laughs 

*f -8? 

Robin Williams and 


a feast of special 

effects brings the 

jungle to life in the 

fanciful movie 



Considered the hottest y 

sung actor 

in 50 years, Brad Phi catapulted 

'Seven* into a box-offic 

e smash. 

In "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls," rubber-faced 
Jim Carrey brought fans to the box office in droves 
with his sequel to "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." 


"*38*fc: ;?1§>- 

_ I, Picture for "Braveheart," where he 
rpdrtrays William Wallace, a Scottish rebel. 

'■F. i» — 


($ in millions)* 



"Batman Forever," $184 | 

, 2. 

"Apollo 13," 



"Tov Store" 




" $141 


"Ace Ventura: When 

Nature Calls. 

' $104 

* Baseline H Inc. 



'Babe," a family-oriented film 
from Australia, features a talking 
pig that becomes a sheep herder 
and a hero among his barnyard 
friends. James Cromwell stars as 
the farmer in this delightful story 
of diplomacy and courtesy. 

Nicolas Cage won critical 
acclaim and an Oscar for 
his portrayal of a man 
determined to drink himself 
to death in the dark drama 
"Leaving Las Vegas." 

Woody, the pull-string cowboy, 
and Buzz Lightyear brightened 
the holiday season in Toy Story," 
Disney's feature-length, 
computer-animated smash hit. 

Best Actress winner Susan Sarandon 
portrays a Louisiana nun in "Dead Man 
Walking," which also stars Sean Penn 
as a death-row inmate. 





Matthew Perry, 
Jennifer Aniston, 
Lisa Kudrow, David ; 
Schwimmer, Courleney 
Cox and Matt LeBland 
made "Friends" the ■ 
hottest, wackiest, 
funniest sitcom 
sensation of the year." 

'a--'. ■ 




On "Frosier," the 
Crane family and 
friends maintained 
their pointed take on 
life in Seattle. 


Still quirky, "Seinfeld" Lea Thompson and her zany 
remained as popular as cas, debuted th.s year m 
, the post-Cosmo era. "Caroline In the Gry. , 

ever in t 







! »*. 

"Caroline in the City" 


"NFL Monday Night 

Football" \ 

* Nielson Media Research 

The fast-paced intrigue of 
'ER" made it the No. 1 
show in America's homes. 



I Student 
I Soapbox 
"I never judge 
1 a friend by 
appearance, sex, race or age. 
Attributes I value in my friends are 
honesty and dedication." 
Esther Williams - Vancouver, Wash. 

Tim Allen continued to bring his unique slant 
on masculinity to his role as father, husband 
and host of "Tool Time" on ABC's "Home 


Mike Nelson and Servo 
spent yet another year 
ridiculing bad movies, 
to the delight of 
"Mystery Science 
L Theater 3000" fans. 



Fox weighed in with 
a critically acclaimed 
hour-long drama 
about five young 
people trying to move 
on with their lives after 
the sudden death of their 
parents on "Parry of Five." 

Jonathan Silverman 
negotiated the hazards 
of New York City's single 
I life in "The Single Guy." 





U.S. record sales for country megastar 
Garth Brooks surpassed all artists except 
the Beatles following the release of "Fresh 
Horses," his first studio album in two years. 

C<* <f 

Country music newcomer Tim McGraw 
turned out the No. 6 best-selling country 
album with "All I Want." 

Hottest Hits* 

2. "The Hits," Garth Brooks 


h. "Hell Freezes Over," Eagles 

5. "Crazysexycool," TIC 

TIC was rhythm and blues' 
most talked about act of the 
year with "Waterfalls." 


It debuted at No. 1 after a $30 
million promotional push, but 
Michael Jackson's "HIStory" fell 
short of expectations when sales 
dropped sharply after the initial 
robust showing. 


Shania Twain first hit the 
charts with "Whose Bed 
Have Your Boots Been 
Under," and went on to 
release the blockbuster, 
3 million-seller album 
"The Woman in Me." 

Hoolie & The Blowfish 
were named the year's top 
adult contemporary artists 
for their debut album 
'Cracked Rear View," which 
sold 1 1 million copies and 
spun off a string of singles 
and video hits. 

Coolio and LV. collaborated on the year's top 
single, "Gangsta's Paradise," from the 
"Dangerous Minds" soundtrack. 

All two hours and 28 songs of 
The Smashing Pumpkins double album 
"Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" 
soared to No. 1 on the charts. 

The Eagles 

surprised veteran Soul dynamo Kenneth "Bobyface" Emonds 
rockers with the created a soothing mix of love songs 
success of "Hell performed by TIC, Whitney Houston 
Freezes Over." and teen star Brandy in the best-selling 

"Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack. 

1 Released 25 years after 
the Beatles broke up, 
"Anthology I" sold 2 million 
copies in three weeks. 

Contemporary Christian 
performer Amy Grant's 
album, "House of Love," 
sold 2 million copies. 


"I listen to all 

different kinds 

of music because I feel it mokes me 

a more diverse person and enables 

me to relate to more people." 

Brooke Hutson • Cuba, Mo. 

The Dallas Cowboys, 
pro football's team of 
the '90s, won their 
third Super Bowl in 
four years with a 
victory over the 
Pittsburgh Steelers in 
Super Bowl XXX. 

i Sampras was an American 
d abroad, winning tennis' 
i victories in Wimbledon, 
I the Davis Cup. 

Future Hall of Fame 
quarterback Dan Marino 
of the Miami Dolphins 
surpassed Fran 
Tarkenton as the NFL's 
all-time leading passer. 

weight boxing champ } 
Mike Tyson returned 
to the ring after serv- ^» 
ing prison time for 
rape, knocking out 
challenger Peter 
McNeeleyin a mere 
89 seconds. 

In spite of family 
problems and nagging 
injuries, Steffi Graf maintained 
her top ranking in women's tennis 
with victories in Wimbledon, the 
U.S. Open and the French Open. 

Basketball magic came 
alive in Los Angeles when 
Earvin (Magic) Johnson 
announced his return to 
the LA. Lakers after four 
years of retirement because 
of his infection with HIV, the 
virus that causes AIDS. In 
mid-May, Johnson retired 
from professional basketball 
... again. 

Tennis great Monica Seles made 
a breathtaking comeback to the 
court following her recovery 
from a stab wound inflicted by 
a deranged spectator two-and- 
a-half years ago. 

Nebraska's Big Red machine walloped 
Florida 62-24 in the Fiesta Bowl to win the 
collegiate national football championship 
for the second consecutive year with 
a spotless 13-0 record. 



Baseball/World Series: Atlanta Braves 
Football/Superbowl: Dallas Cowboys 
Football/Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska Cornhuskers 
Basketball/NCAA: Kentucky Wildcats 
Golf/Masters: Ben Crenshaw 
Tennis/US. Open— Singles: 
Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf 

Cal Ripken Jr. broke 
Lou Gehrig's 56-year-old 
record when he played 
in his 2,131 consecutive 
game Sept. 6. 

[ Soapbox 
"Hike to 
I be around 
positive people. A good 
self-estesm and a good 
altitude are important 
to me." 

Michael Turner - 
Madison, Tenn. 



Twenty-year-old Shannon Faulkner won a two-year 
court battle for admission to The Citadel, an all-male 
military academy, only to leave after the first grueling 
week because of exhaustion. She was joined by 30 
male cadets, who dropped out for the same reason. 

President Bill Clinton and 
Congressional Republican 
leaders Bob Dole and Newt 
Gingrich failed to reach a 
compromise on the 1996 
federal budget, resulting in 
an unprecedented shutdown 
of government operations. 

Oh, Jackie! Sotheby's 
auctioned some 5,000 
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 
"hand-me-downs" for four 
days in April. Items included 
her 40-carat engagement ring, 
$2,587,500 and her silver 
tape measure, $48,875. 

Less than a month after 
Unabomber suspect 
Ted Kaczynski was 
taken into custody, 
bookstores were filled 
with paperbacb 
detailing his life and 
18 years of bombings. 

Bob Dole pushed aside nearly 
a dozen Republican presidential 
hopefuls, including Patrick 
Buchanan, Steve Forbes and 
Lamar Alexander, as the 1 996 
presidential campaign opened 
in earnest. 

The gritty House 
Speaker from Georgia, 
Rep. Newt Gingrich, 
was named Time 
magazine's Man of 
the Year for his role in 
leading the Republican 

"55" took a dive as 
Congress abolished the 
national speed limit 
and gave states the 
right to set their own 
limns — or do away 
with them altogether, 
as several Western 
states did. 

Those who said it wouldn't last were right. Lisa Marie Presley 
and pop superstar Michael Jackson called it quits after a brief 
and intriguing marriage. 

ill vigorous at age 75, Pope John Paul II 
stopped in the United States on his world tour. 
83,000 faithful stood in the rain for his Mass 
at Giants Stadium in New York City. 

Although his book 
was an instant best-seller, 
Colin Powell disappointed 
many Americans when he 
decided not to run for the 

Unusually turbulent weather spawned a record 1 1 1 hurricanes 
in the western hemisphere, leaving 110 people dead and 
billions of dollars in property damage. 

Controversial Nation of Islam 
leader Louis Farrakhan sent 
out a call for one million 
African American men across 
the country to gather in 
Washington, D.C, as a sign 
of unity and commitment in 
the Million Man March. 

Mother Nature clobbered the eastern United States 
with 30 hours of nonstop snow, piling up two feet of the 
white stuff from North Carolina to Maine. It was the East 
Coast's worst snow storm in 50 years. 

Say what? 

Seven-year-old Jessica Dubroff died living 
her dream — trying to become the 
youngest pilot to fry across the United 
States. Her single-engine plane crashed in 
Cheyenne, Wyo., April 11. 

Herb = a not-happenin' dude with a zero social life 

Punk = a Herb with good grades 

That's not how I roll. = I'm not interested. 

Talk to the hand. = I'm not listening. 

He's a Baldwin. = He's a hunk. 

She's a Betty. = She's cute. 

Don't go there. = Don't do/say that. > 

Nearly four years of 
civil war in Bosnia ended 
/V| with the signing of the 
Dayton Peace Accords 

'-** **. and the dispatch of 
W&fywfi^ ° multinational 


Superhuman determination 
characterized Christopher Reeve's 
recovery after a horseback riding 
accident left him paralyzed. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton became the 
first first Lady to face a grand jury 
when she testified in the Whitewater 
affair. She also addressed delegates to 
the United Nations Women's 
Conference in Beijing, China. 

Student Soapbox 

"My teen years are different from my parents' 
because they had more freedom and more 
opportunities in the career world." 

Dana Lewis - Madison Heights, Va. 


America's obsession with the Internet grew as the number of 
home pages — and users — proliferated on the World Wide Web. 

The road to the future 
b paved with microchips! 
says computer guru and 
billionaire Bill Gates in 
The Road Ahead," his 
much-anticipated mop 
to the techno-future. 


Java joints like this 
Starbucks Coffee shop 
sprang up on every urban 
corner as '96 spawned the 
coffee craze. 

Microsoft Corp. launched its new 
operating system, Windows 95, 
selling 16 million copies in four 
months, thanks to a 23-city 
promotional tour. 

Oprah Winfrey, celebrating 
1 years as America's most-loved 
talk show host, avoided trash-TV 
topics and outrageous audience 
participation, unlike her daytime 
competitors, including Jenny Jones 
and Ricki Lake. 

2 . "The Bridges of Madison County,' 
Robert James Waller 

3 . ''Politically Correct Bedtime 
Stories," James Finn Garner 

U. "The Rainmaker," John Grisham 
5 . "Beach Music," Pat Conroy 

* Publisliers Weekly 

Student Soapbox 

Trust and companionship are 
important attributes in my friends. 
Because if you can't trust a friend, 
are they really a friend? And 
companionship is essential for a 
good relationship." 
Joshua Switzer - Lakeside, Calif. 

Fashion ads for Calvin 
Klein jeans and The Gap 
featured next-door- 
neighbor types sporting 
casual body language 
and carefree, comfortable 


Above clockwise from left 

Jerry Garcia, 53, leader of the Grateful Dead 

Sergei Grinkov, 28, champion Russian figure skater 

Eva Gabor, 74, actress 

Ron Brown, 54, Commerce Secretary 

Gene Kelly, 83, entertainer 

Yitzhak Rabin, 73, Prime Minister of Israel 

Not picrutet 

Wolfman Jack, 57, rock W roll disc jockey 

Barbara Jordan, 56, constitutional scholar and 

former congresswomon from Texas 

Butterfly McQueen, 84, actress 

Mickey Mantle, 64, Hall of Fome baseball ployer 

Dean Martin, 78, entertainer 

Audrey Meadows, 69, actress 

Orville Redenbacher, 88, 

popcorn king 


George Bums, 100, 

That's /I it C, ki V\)nU 

The 1996 Edition of the Stagecoach, 
Volume 98 was produced by, 

Phebe Hubbard, Editor-in-Chief 
Kari Syrdahl, Chief Photographer 
Nancy Hill 
Becca George 
Tracy Tranguch 



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